Paint repair with robotic paint repair system
Robotic Paint Repair

Robotic Paint Repair: Help perfect your paint finishing.

  • Virtually every car coming off the paint line has defects that require manual inspection and repair to ensure the level of quality customers expect. Most automotive manufacturers rely on dozens of highly skilled operators, this makes topcoat defect repair one of the most highly manual operations in the automotive industry. The 3M™ Finesse-it™ Robotic Paint Repair System can allow you to automate this important step in your manufacturing process.

    Contact a 3M Robotics and Automation expert today and discover how an automated paint repair solution can help improve part quality and productivity on your paint repair deck.

Why automate paint defect repair?

Topcoat defect repair introduces a number of challenges including the need for a large shop floor or factory footprint, high energy consumption and reliance on multiple operators working in very close quarters. Additionally, manual labor comes with an inherent variance in inspection, repair techniques, and data entry. Automating paint defect repair can help automotive OEMs realize return on investment in two important ways:

Consistency in Quality

The greatest advantage to automation is simple: predictable consistency. It is the one characteristic from which the myriad of other benefits cascade. From identification of a defect, to how it is remedied, each task is performed to the exact same degree of effectiveness every time. Despite the many variables introduced across different color lines of vehicles and across shifts of individual operators, the same quality of repair will be executed day after day with consistency.

Long-term Cost Savings

  • As one of the most intensive manual operations on the entire assembly line, the skilled labor required to maintain quality and output is substantial. Automation can help reduce cycle times and increase part quality. That in turn can protect and enhance brand perception while helping to reduce dealer rework and warranty claims.

  • 3M™ Finesse-it™ Robotic Paint Repair System

    The 3M™ Finesse-it™ Robotic Paint Repair System is a critical part of a complete automated solution that enables robots to efficiently and reliably sand and polish.

    The system is comprised of tools, software, abrasives, accessories, and process expertise all designed to work together with a range of robots — delivering results you can rely on, car after car.

  • Details of 3M robotic paint repair system

  • Robotic arm equipped with 3M abrasives
  • Automation Made Possible. Support Within Arm’s Reach.

    Automated paint repair is more than possible — it’s essential. 3M, in collaboration with its partners, has teamed up to deliver a complete automation solution for paint defect repair.

    Our experienced application experts and network of preferred system integrators can show you how automation can help improve consistency and productivity while helping to provide long-term cost savings.

3M application engineer programming robot
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3M and its partners have facilities in the US and Germany that are setup to demonstrate the 3M ™ Finesse-it™ Robotic Paint Repair System in action

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