Worker splicing power cables with 3M Cold Shrink Splices

Cable Accessories

Superior electrical stress management is critical to long-term performance and grid reliability.


3M Cable Accessories for Terminating

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  • Live-front kits to effectively terminate and connect shielded power cables.

  • Aluminum and copper compression lugs can be crimped to a variety of industry standard conductor sizes.

  • Insulated connector systems provide a quick and effective way to connect or disconnect shielded power cables.

  • Grounding connectors and accessories to provide reliable connections to the system ground.

3M Cable Accessories for Splicing

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  • Speed up installation time by unwinding the inner core, shrinking the tube to create a reliable seal for power cables.

  • Connect wire and cable conductors via compression.

  • Kits for use with compression lugs to connect motor line cables to the feeder load.

  • Splice kits with conductor connectors and a length of cross-linked tubing

Technical Comparisons

  • 3M QT-II Terminations vs QT-III Terminations
    QT-II vs QT-III Terminations

    Our QT-III cold shrink products have integrated mastics that provides and environmental seal and stress control. This offers installers unparalleled installation speed, and reduces steps in the process.

    QT-II products have the same cold shrink technology that will save installation time, but are more cost-effective by not integrating mastics. Mastics and greases are manually applied during installation.

  • 3M Cold Shrink vs Heat Shrink
    What's the difference between Heat Shrink and Cold Shrink?

    Heat Shrink products offers a range of wall thicknesses and adhesive options that can be better tailored to your application, offering precise shrink ratios.

    No tools are required with our Cold Shrink products, speeding up your installation time. Reduces chances of cable damage, since there is no heating element. The cold shrink technology is more versatile since there are no need for permits, and is safe for enclosed spaces.

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