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Sealing & Gasketing

Resistance to fluids, high adhesion to difficult to bond surfaces, and fast and easy application.

Seals vs. Gaskets

  • icon representing a barrier seal

    Seals are protective elements used with dynamic or moving elements that are precision engineered to prevent leaks or intrusion of contaminates between the sides of the seal.

  • icon representing gaskets

    Gaskets are a type of sealing device but are not considered a seal as it is used between two static flanges.

While there are some dierences between seals and gaskets, the terms are used fairly interchangeably to describe a method of lling the gap between two components to keeping other elements where they belong.

  • (SPEECH) [MUSIC PLAYING] (DESCRIPTION) In a black background, a computer monitor spins on a black cylindrical platform. On the side of its screen emerges a webpage displaying cylindrical and rectangular shapes. The monitor morphs into headphones and then a refrigerator. (SPEECH) No matter the industry, the engineering community is faced with a common challenge to extend the longevity and durability of their product or device. (DESCRIPTION) The refrigerator door opens, and a box pops up entitled Seals and gaskets. A line points to the gap between the refrigerator shelves and door. (SPEECH) Unfortunately, critical components within many designs are not able to withstand known environmental factors. (DESCRIPTION) Three-dimensional models on cube blocks. A car in a parking lot next to a large pool of liquid; a two-walled room with a door and shelves, boxes and buckets, and a yellow caution placard and utility basket on the floor; a desert scape; a snow-capped mountain range. (SPEECH) That's why a reliable seal or gasket is crucial. (DESCRIPTION) Between the front and back of a computer monitor frame, a neon-lighted border in the rounded corner. Spurts of short bluish-white neon streaks cascade against it. (SPEECH) Seals can be a permanent solution for preventing fluids, air, and debris from entering a joint or void. (DESCRIPTION) On the monitor, an illustration of a car. Graphs, tables, and measurement diagrams composed of neon blue lights are on either side of the screen. A door of a red sporty car opens. A bright neon blue line traces the edge of the door panel with an arrow pointing upwards. (SPEECH) A gasket on the other hand, is a nice solution when you need the same properties of a seal but opening or accessing the part is necessary. (DESCRIPTION) The short bluish-white neon streaks cascade down upon the car. A round cylinder with white and blue neon lights shines on a rotating series of clear rectangular boxes with circular and cylindrical bluish-white shapes. An image of a cylinder morphs into a roll of 3M tape with stencil cut-outs. The scene morphs into a black planet Earth, white continents against a star-speckled black sky. The Earth spins, and neon blue circles throb on and off on country after country. (SPEECH) As you work to identify and optimize your approach to sealing and gasketting, 3M's application expertise coupled with our preferred converter partners turn your design challenges into design solutions. 3M, Science Applied to Life. [MUSIC PLAYING]

    refridgerator with an open door
  • Examples of Seals & Applications


  • Exmaples of Seals & Applications

    Door and trunk weather stripping
    Cylinder head gasket
    Electrical panels
    Electronic devices
    Access panels

  • Image of object with 3M™ Extreme Seasling tape
  • Sealing

    Single sided tapes are used every day to create seals and enhance the longevity of your device. Whether it’s 3M™ Extreme Sealing tape designed for extensive outdoor exposure or a metal foil tape for HVAC ducts or airbag inators, 3M has a portfolio of options to help you seal out the elements or keep materials from egressing into the wild.

  • Spacers

    Sealing and gasketing materials can be used for creating custom spacers. While it’s nice to have all of your dimensions be exact, holding tight tolerances has a cost. Many designs utilize a foam or compressible spacer layer to help fill the gap or take up the slack. While your gasket provides sealing it can also takes up the mismatch in your stack-up. Sealing and gasketing materials can also protect your devices from shock, vibration and impacts.

  • Image of vechile with a spacer
  • image of handles peeling off double sided tap for permanent seal
  • Permanent (Double-Sided)

    Permanent seals are designed to be left in place, a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive can create this type of seal. 3M VHB Acrylic foam tapes can create a double-sided adhesive gasket, which helps keep contaminants from intruding in your design. 3M VHB tapes utilize a closed cell acrylic foam that seal out air, dirt, dust, and liquids; providing your device with strong, durable adhesion and protection from contaminates to offer you peace of mind.

  • Temorary or Openable Gaskets (Single-Sided Tapes)

    There are times when seals or gaskets may need to be opened or inspected. Using single side adhesive or tape allows you to easily open and access your device with the seal or gasket remaining in place.

  • image of hand applying temporary, single sided tape
  • Image of handles applying water sealing tap around a vent
  • Water Sealing

    VHB foam tapes utilize closed cell acrylic foam that keeps water, dirt, dust and contaminants from intruding in your design. Whether it’s just a seal, gasket, or a device that needs to achieve an ingress protection rating, VHB foam tapes can help you achieve the protection you require. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives can assist you with their flexibility, conformability, ability to bond dissimilar materials, durability, and ability to keep contaminants out of your device.

  • Noise

    Noise, vibration and harshness got you down? Sealing and gasketing is also a sound management technique. Open cell foams can allow sound in, but it tends to dissipate in the labyrinth of cells. Even better is combining a sound absorption material sensitive adhesives. Perhaps you need to isolate two materials to allow them to move without generating buzz squeaks or rattles. 3M has a variety of options to help you seal out sound or damp vibrating components to assist you with making your design quieter.

  • image of hands apply foil tape for sound management
  • image of hands applying high temp tape solution
  • High Temps

    Is your current solution melting from high temp exposure? 3M has a portfolio of tape options that can be used for gasketing in applications up to 550° F (260° C). Heat softens materials and can have unintended consequences, connect with our specialists to discuss your needs and start working with the optimal product for your devices exposure needs.

  • Customization - Converters

    From prototype to production, 3M’s network of Converters can assist you with your design and production needs. From a custom thickness to adhesive backed materials, converters can create the construction and shape you need.

  • Image of production prototypes with 3M industrial adhesives and tapes solutions included
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