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Image of an amazed man as he looks at a scene in Virtual Reality goggles; background has an exploded graphic of the goggles
A strong vision for tomorrow's gadgets.

Find flexible and high-performance adhesive technologies that help your design match your vision with 3M Bonding and Assembly Solutions for the electronics industry.


Bonding and Assembly Solutions for electronics manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing is constantly changing, and electronics designers need solutions that help bring their ideas to life. From drop-resistant and waterproof bonding to mounting flexible screens, 3M tapes and adhesives are engineered to meet challenges head on.

Mobile handheld gadgets

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Camera Lens Bonding

Anti-lifting and drop-resistant adhesion when bonding glass and plastic

3M Double Coated Tape 93420

3M VHB Tape 5907
Bezel Assembly

Reduce vibration and noise

3M Double Coated Tape 93420

Screen Bonding

Help with impact resistance when bonding screens

3M VHB Tape 5907

Antenna Module Assembly

Optimize antenna design

3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9471LE

Lens Assembly

Get the best tensile impact, sealing, and reworkability to protect the camera

3M VHB Tape 5907

Phone Case Assembly

Protect and seal front displays and back covers

3M VHB Tape 5908

Battery Bonding

Absorb vibrations and stabilize batteries in phone

3M Double Coated Tape 9629B

  • Cover of the brochure with text “Design with the resilience our world demands.”

    3M™ VHB™ Tape Solutions for Display Bonding

    Discover how you can create strong, long-lasting bonds that give enclosures – and the sensitive components inside – an amazingly protective backup for the life of your product.

Other mobile gadgets

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VR Set Assembly

Achieve a strong bond while bonding curved plastic pieces to foam or other plastics

3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9471LE

3M Double Coated Tape 93010LE
Logo Bonding

Bond logo to device for branding

3M Double Coated Tape 93015LE

PCB Tracking Labels

Traceability across the entire manufacturing process

3M Thermal Transfer Label Materials 3921

Drone Component Bonding

Ensure anti-lifting and drop-resistant glass-to-plastic bonding

3M Double Coated Tape 93010LE

POP Labels

Draw attention with eye-catching labels

3M Removable Repositionable Double Coated Tape 9425HT

Recommended Products

  • Cover image of the brochure showing a girl dancing with smartphone and wireless headphones

    3M Bonding Solutions for IoT Electronics Application Profiles Brochure

    We’re witnessing a rapid expansion of IoT-connected smart devices. From speakers and cameras to smartwatches, wireless headphones and beyond, smart devices are revolutionizing how we live, work and play. And the innovation has just begun. Studies predict double-digit growth in the segment over the next 5 years.

    Designing and assembling smart devices poses unique bonding challenges. Home devices must reflect the style of the homeowner, adding beauty as well as function. Wearables must withstand impact, repel liquids and weather harsh environments. There is no template for such a wide range of devices; the only limit is your imagination.

    Tackle tough electronic device assembly challenges with a broad continuum of electronics bonding solutions from 3M. You change people’s lives; we’re here to help.

Can't find the right adhesive solution to your customer's problem?

Can't find the right adhesive solution to your customer's problem? Help your customers breathe life into designs, across all applications and processes. Collaborate with 3M experts to find the right adhesive solutions that meet your customers’ specific manufacturing needs in the US.