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  • Industrial design engineers with bonding and assembly challenges can rely on 3M converter partners to help improve the appearance, manufacturing process and performance of their products with customized solutions for virtually any substrate, assembly process, end use or cost requirement.

 A hospital bed with a wooden component attached with 3M tape
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Talk to a 3M converter partner and find out what they can do to help improve your process, productivity and product design.


Converted 3M tapes are ideal for a variety of applications and industries

In virtually every environment, converted 3M bonding tape solutions are used to help keep everything right where it should be.

  • A retail store POP display

    Converted 3M bonding tapes can enhance the appearance and hold performance in a variety of retail applications, including:

    • Signage & Displays
    • Point of Sale
    • Packaging
  • Glass front doors and windows on a building
    Building and Construction

    For building and construction products, converted 3M bonding tapes allow you to enhance hold strength in areas where it’s needed most, such as:

    • HVAC Systems
    • Elevators
    • Windows & Doors
  • Window treatments in a home office
    Home and Office

    It’s important to give your home and office products a sleek, modern design aesthetic, and converted 3M bonding tapes are perfect for the job. Applications include:

    • Furniture & Fixtures
    • Posters & Signage
    • Panels

What can a 3M converter partner do for you?

  • A worker applies a damping foil tape to a metal frame to help damp vibration and noise
    Noise, vibration and harshness reduction

    If your product features moving parts, converted 3M bonding tapes can help you not only hold it together, but more importantly, manage the inevitable acoustic and long-term durability challenges as well.

  • A hand peeling a liner off of a foam gasket
    Sealing and gasketing

    Converted 3M tapes can be used to help seal your product against environmental hazards or as a custom-cut foam layer gasket that’s a perfect fit for your design.

  • An elevator panel
    Assembly and panel bonding

    For products large and small, converted 3M bonding tapes can be used to help streamline your assembly and panel attachment process while delivering a strong, long-lasting hold.

  • A hand applying decorative trim to an appliance
    Mounting and trim attachment

    Every detail of your product is a reflection of your brand, so it’s important to mount and attach trim and other decorative elements with a tape that’s designed specifically for the task.

  • A warning label attached to a motor in an appliance
    Badges, labels and brand nameplates

    Whether it’s safety information, instructions or your logo, ensuring that badges, labels and nameplates stay firmly in place is important to the quality perception of your finished product.

  • A robotic lawn mower in operation
    Heat management and shielding

    If your product creates heat or is subjected to it during manufacture or use, converted 3M bonding tapes can be used to help deflect and protect against it to help maintain its integrity over time.

  • An exposed layer of foam material
    Foam lamination

    Getting the perfect seal, the right amount of acoustic insulation or the impact damping you need for your product is all possible with the right converted 3M foam lamination tape.

  • A person bonding foam and fabric together
    Foam and fabric bonding

    Quickly achieve an aggressive, permanent industrial-strength hold on demanding foam materials and fabric textures with converted solutions from 3M.

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Why choose 3M tapes, labels and adhesives?

3M tape adhesives can help you overcome your product design challenges and achieve your product goals.

  • Shield icon
    Protect, bond, hold, shield and seal

    Why use mechanical fasteners like screws when a custom-converted 3M bonding tape could provide a sleeker look, a stronger hold and other product-enhancing characteristics?

  • Clock icon
    Short lead times

    3M converters know our tapes, and they can get them to you fast and in the form you need so your product can be designed and delivered on time and on budget.

  • Leaf icon

    Need to meet regulatory requirements for sustainability? 3M offers bio-based adhesive solutions that can be converted to your specific needs and help you deliver a product that’s better for your customers and the world.

  • Building icon

    Converted 3M bonding tapes give you a manufacturing advantage: instant handling, the ability to die-cut to your specific shape or converted format, development of process aids and so much more.

  • A person pulls a tape liner off of a washing machine

    What is a converter?

    Converters add value to 3M’s industry-leading tape adhesive technologies to create labor and cost-saving custom shaped parts that are designed for your specific needs. They specialize in:

      • Materials expertise: You know design. We know adhesives. Converters know both. This means you can get the adhesive solution you need to turn your ideas into reality quickly.

      • Engineering consulting: 3M converter partners can help you with more than just finding the right adhesive solution—they have years of engineering experience and can step in to help support your design process.

      • Value added converted formats: 3M converter partners are experts in helping you think outside the box and apply solutions that take a variety of formats and offer benefits beyond what you might expect.

      • Prototyping: Have an idea you think will work? A 3M converter can work with you to create customized adhesive prototypes that you can test with your design.

    • Learn more about 3M converters at

  • A person placing die-cut tape in an application

    Why choose a 3M converter partner?

    3M converter partners offer adhesive and design expertise, innovative technologies and valuable support. You can improve your appliance production process with limitless design possibilities and get effective results with the help of a 3M converter. Watch the video to learn how.

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Find the right product for your application

Whether you’re assembling parts for the next step or creating the perfect label for your customer, our product selectors can help you find the right 3M solution for the job.

  • Tell us what substrates you need to bond and we’ll provide a short list of 3M products to consider and test.

  • Tell us about your print method, facestock, substrate and color preferences to find the best 3M label products for your job.

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