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Masking & Surface Protection

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    3M converter partners are experts in die cut application, matching their expertise to provide you with a customized product.

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    Time Saving

    Customized solutions reduce overall time spent applying tape.

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    Solutions designed specifically for your application allow for a precise and repeatable process.

  • 3M Industrial Protective Films

    3M Industrial Protective Films (IPF) 7070UV and 7071UV are abrasion resistant, pressure sensitive, adhesive backed file products designed to protect multiple industrial surfaces from damage caused by abrasion, scratching, erosion, UV and minor impacts.

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Die Cut Masking & Masking Kits

Die cut masking allows for precise and consistent masking, especially when dealing with intricate curves, edges and contours. It ensures clean lines and sharp edges during painting, detailing or other processes.

Creating custom masking kits that deliver a sheet of precisely cut tapes tailored to the unique application help drive efficiency and simplicity for customers. Your customers can feel confident that tasks are completed as any remaining parts on the sheet provide a visual reference that a step was missed.

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    Custom Widths

    Allow customers the design flexibility to choose the preferred tape width and length for their specific application.

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    Improved Efficiency

    Utilizing Converter capabilities, customers can achieve higher efficiency in their work. The pre-cut shapes and sizes ensure quick and easy application, reducing the chances of errors and rework. It allows for faster tape application, which will help improve productivity.

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    Extreme Conditions

    If your customer is dealing with caustic chemical processes such as anodizing, high heat environments as in powder coating, or outdoor weathering elements, our products have you covered. With short, medium and long-term masking and protection solutions, 3M has a wide variety of tape options to meet your customer's needs.

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Common Applications

3M Industrial Protective Films can be used for a variety of applications. Connect with 3M Converter experts to find which film works for your needs.


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Connect with 3M Experts

Learn more about how the process works, and let us connect you with the right partner and products for your needs.