badge attachment with 3M VHB Tape

Custom Solutions for any Attaching Challenge

High-performance tapes and adhesives uniquely tailored to your needs, can help optimize manufacturing process, apperance and performance of your design for virtually any attachment application.

Solving Design Challenges

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    Improving Aesthetics

    Virtually invisible bond lines without protruding fasteners. Replaces mechanical fasteners with thinner, lighter materials.

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    Streamline Manufacturing

    Tape is easy to apply by hand or with automation. No waiting for adhesive to cure or mechanical fastening to be completed.

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    Product Performance

    Whether you’re bonding similar or different substrates, our double sided tapes provide the strength, conformability, adhesion and aesthetic requirements you need to make your project successful.

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  • Small Part Assembly

    Looking to make your small part or joint assembly durable and nearly unnoticeable? 3M adhesives and tapes offer the strength you need and are generally hidden between the bonded surfaces, resulting in nearly unnoticeable fastening.

  • Scooter concept assembled entirely with tape
  • Trim attachment on refrigerator
  • Mounting and Trim Attachment

    Make your mounting and trim attachment more efficient with the use of 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Whether it's a thin, clean bond line or a thicker gap filling need, 3M has a large portfolio of options to optimize your mounting and trim attachment application. It can be as simple as peel, stick and move on.

  • Reclosable Fastening

    Open and close your design confidently with 3M™ reclosable fastener technology. Backed with 3M™ proprietary adhesives, our Dual Lock™ and Hook and Loop fasteners allow for a strong, yet removable closure or attachment.

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  • Carpet attachment on boat deck
  • Thin Bonding

    Maximize your design by combining industrial strength with thin bond lines. 3M™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes bond to a wide variety of substrates and can be converted with precision to meet your specific needs.

Video testimonial from Nebia showcasing 3M converted tapes

Nebia was looking for an adhesive to assemble a better showered that would also use less water. They tested several options - and chose to use 3M VHB Tape.

"With VHB tape, we're really confident that once it bonds, it's going to stay - and having a specific die-cut part means you can have a geometry that fits your product."

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