Military & Veterans

3M military and veterans support network

3M is a strong, stable, award-winning company where we act with uncompromising honesty and integrity, and offer career paths that span many industries. Here, your potential is unlimited.

We are always looking for top talent job candidates and we recognize that military veterans, service members and military spouses have unique skills and experiences. Here, strategic thinking, leadership, execution and teamwork skills are in high demand and rewarded.

Our Military Support Network provides active support and outreach to veterans and their families, including scholarships, professional development, military speaker series and networking opportunities. Interested in working for 3M? Start a conversation with a member of our team to learn more.

  • 3M military support network Samantha Johnson

    “At 3M, I feel like I have a purpose both as an individual and on a team, where my contributions, and experiences and perspectives as a veteran are genuinely valued.”

    Samantha, Compliance and Assessment Analyst, Human Resources and U.S. Army Specialist/E4

  • 3M military support network Kanada Vang

    “The information technology skills and knowledge attained from my military training have had a direct impact on being successful at 3M within the Information Technology sector.”

    Kanada, Information Technology Analyst, and U.S. Air Force / WI Air National Guard - Technical Sergeant, Cyber Specialist

  • 3M military support network Kevin White

    “My biggest reward in my role is the realization of a successful project that increases efficiency, minimizes risks, improves operators’ work quality and resolves a previously difficult challenge.”

    Kevin, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and U.S. Navy - Lieutenant, Submarine Officer

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