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3M employee pay and compensation information
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Your 3M compensation is a part of your 3M Total Rewards, designed to recognize the meaningful contributions you make to business results. To ensure competitive pay, 3M regularly benchmarks pay and benefits with other companies that are comparable in size and scope.

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Your pay may include two components: base salary and variable pay. While base pay applies to all employees, variable pay is offered to eligible employees and may include an Annual Incentive Plan (AIP), sales incentives or other incentives.

  • Annual Incentive Plan (AIP)
    The Annual Incentive Plan (AIP) aligns a portion of eligible employees’ pay with company, business unit and individual performance. In most cases, you are eligible for the AIP if you are an active, non-production, salaried 3M employee. Employees eligible to receive sales incentive compensation do not participate in the AIP.
  • Each sales representative’s pay includes base pay and sales incentives, paid monthly or quarterly, depending on the business you represent.
  • Management-level (and equivalent) employees are eligible to receive equity grants based on their level of responsibility, individual contribution and leadership performance.The more you contribute to 3M’s success, the more success you create for yourself.


Here, live your best with unique resources and high-quality benefits. Medical and dental plan options, savings and retirement plans, a 3M employee stock purchase plan and many other resources will help you enhance your mental, physical and financial well-being.

  • Paid Time Off
    Paid time off is another part of your 3M Total Rewards that helps you relax and balance your work and personal life. Your paid time off includes vacation and holiday pay, short- and long-term disability benefits, and time off for parental leave, emergencies or other miscellaneous absences. Part-time employees (defined as employees who work a minimum of 20 hours per week) receive a prorated amount of paid time off based on their anticipated work week.
  • Our parental leave policy helps employees be their best selves at home and at work. Mothers and fathers of newborn or newly adopted children are entitled to up to 20 weeks (10 weeks paid and 10 weeks unpaid) of parental leave.
  • 3M provides disability coverage in case you become ill or are injured and unable to work.
  • Health care benefits are another important part of your 3M Total Rewards. We provide comprehensive, quality benefits to you and your eligible dependents. You are eligible to participate in most of 3M’s benefit offerings beginning on your first day of employment.
  • To help protect your financial security, 3M also offers a variety of life and accident insurance options for you and your eligible dependents.
  • Through our General Employees Stock Purchase Plan, you can contribute 3 percent to 10 percent of your eligible compensation to purchase 3M stock on a monthly basis with a 15 percent discount from its current market value.
  • 3M’s Retirement Program, called the 3M Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP), provides a solid group of benefit options and easy, tax-free ways to save and invest for your retirement.
  • 3M encourages employees to develop through diverse and challenging career opportunities. Relocation often is part of an employee’s career development. 3M’s mobility programs and policies provide the services, tools and resources needed to help you make a smooth transition.

Other 3M Programs and Resources

  • 3M offers many programs to help you live your best — both physically and financially. The 3M Healthy Living Program offers a variety of resources, rewards and incentives to help you live a more active and healthy life. There’s a full range of opportunities — something for everyone.

    Here’s a sampling:

    • 3M Medical Plan premium discount for being tobacco-free and taking steps to improve your health
    • On-site fitness centers in many 3M locations
    • Fitness center discounts
    • Weight management program reimbursement
    • Confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Tobacco cessation offerings
    • Resources to help you manage your medical care and make informed health care treatment choices
    • Stress management coaching
    • Child and adult (elder) care consultation and referral
    • Financial and legal consultation and referral services
    • Parenting resources, scholarship programs and personal growth resources
    • Access to on-site health and personal services in our 3M Maplewood location, including an on-site pharmacy and medical center; and 3M Club that provides discounted tickets and an avenue to share hobbies and interests with other employees

    In addition, 3M offers the following resources and opportunities:

    • Tuition reimbursement
    • Adoption assistance
    • Flexible work arrangements
    • Diverse career and development opportunities
    • Scholarships for eligible dependents of employees
    • Group auto and home insurance
    • Employee store to purchase 3M products online or at many 3M locations
    • Support for community involvement: Matching Gifts, Volunteer Match, 3Mgives (our community giving program)

Access to Benefits Resources

  • Your Benefits Resources

    If you are a 3M employee, retiree or family member of a 3M employee, you can access your benefits information by visiting 3M’s Your Benefits Resources site. Log-in required.

  • 3M’s Healthy Living Incentive Program

    Eligible employees may be eligible for a monthly discount off their 3M Medical Plan premium by completing certain activities. To access your account, visit My JourneyWell. Questions? Contact JourneyWell Customer Service at (877) 222-2054

    Eligible employees may be eligible for a monthly discount off their 3M Medical Plan premium by completing certain activities. To access your account, visit My JourneyWell. Questions? Contact JourneyWell Customer Service at (877) 222-2054

Learn how your skills might be a fit at 3M.

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  • This document is not the official plan document for the plan, and in the event of any conflict, inconsistency or ambiguity between this information and the official plan documents, the terms of the official plan document will control. 3M reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate the benefit plan, in whole or in part, at any time. Neither receipt of this document nor its use of the term “you” indicate eligibility for the plan. Only those individuals who satisfy the eligibility requirements and other criteria contained in the official plan document are eligible to participate in the plan.
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