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Health Information Systems (HIS) Internships ​

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Health Information Systems (HIS) Internship Overview

An internship at Health Information Systems allows you to be part of an organization that's on the forefront of innovation in health care software solutions. 3M Health Information Systems is producing intelligent software that simplifies management of health information, medical coding, payment and other important functions for our customers.​


Program Details

  • What sets this program apart from the others?​

    Health Information Systems is a world leader for innovating the language of health, delivers comprehensive software and consulting services and is the only 3M division that has software as a product. This division is helping transform disease into information and care into action for patients, providers and payers around the world. ​

    ​While working for Health Information Systems, you’ll be helping with today’s challenges while preparing for the future. The projects and products that are assigned have a direct impact on the business and our customers.​

    ​Health Information Systems has the feel of a start-up business, but with the stability, tenure and growth of a global, powerhouse brand. It's a team that functions on the tenets of respect, adaptability, collaboration, accountability and a customer-first mentality.​

  • How long is the program?​

    A Health Information Systems internship ranges from 10 to 14 weeks, typically starting in May and going through August. ​

  • Where will you be located?​

    3M Health Information Systems has offices nationwide and the internship positions are offered in: ​

    • Albany, NY ​
    • Atlanta, GA ​
    • Meriden, CT ​
    • Pittsburgh, PA ​
    • Salt Lake City, UT ​
    • Silver Spring, MD​
    • St. Paul, MN​
  • What kinds of areas are candidates hired into?​

    Within the 3M Health Information Systems division we offer internship positions in the following areas:  ​

    • Software development engineering
    • Cloud support engineering
    • DevOps engineering
    • Security engineering
    • Data development
    • Business analytics
    • Digital marketing 
  • What activities are provided during the program?​

    We offer a number of different activities and networking events throughout the Health Information Systems internship program, including:​

    • Dedicated time with senior leaders to learn about the direction of the division and purpose in the work​
    • Presentations by fellow interns to learn about the projects they are working on​
    • Presentations from past interns on their experience and how to have a successful internship​
    • Fun offsite activities​
    • Informational interviews with other teams of interest​
    • Poster sessions to showcase the projects that you worked on during the program​
  • How can you begin the recruitment and application process?​

    The Health Information Systems internship program posts open positions in October and closes in February. Search key words “HIS internship” here.

    ​Applications will be reviewed in October.​


Future Opportunities​


  • Shinjin Harris, medical informatics intern

    "The whole innovation process here is awesome. My team came up with a patent they are trying to push through because they wanted to, not because 3M asked them to. 3M provides that culture that allows them to innovate, think for themselves and helps them take it to the next level. We weren’t afraid to redesign the tools from how they were in the past." Shinjin Harris, medical informatics intern

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