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3M Frontline Sales Program for students
What is the Frontline Program?

Frontline is an internship and so much more – offering the opportunity to work for one of the 3M’s 20+ divisions in roles such as inside sales, field sales, marketing and business analytics.


Program Details

  • What sets this program apart from the others?​

    Our goal to elevate sales as a discipline and as a profession, as well as driving to expand 3M’s diverse talent pool in marketing and business analytics, while providing students with robust opportunities to apply knowledge and skill sets acquired in the classroom to real-world work environments.

    The assignments you receive during the internship are real-life and will drive real results. In addition to the work you are given in your individual role, there are three team projects – one small team project, one larger team project and one business team project.  Oftentimes the results of these projects are implemented across the company, allowing participants to see their hard work come to life and deliver results.

  • How long is the program?

    Frontline is an eleven-week program, typically starting at the end of May and running through the beginning of August. 

  • Where will you be located?

    Depending on the area of focus of your internship, you may be placed in different locations:​

    • Field sales – anywhere in the U.S.​
    • Inside sales – St. Paul, MN​
    • Marketing – St. Paul, MN or Austin, TX​
    • Business analytics – St. Paul, MN
  • What kinds of roles are candidates hired into?​

    Field sales, inside sales, marketing and business analytics.

  • What activities are provided during the program?​

    After being accepted into the Frontline Internship, you will be invited to join us for the annual 3M Frontline Conference, co-hosted by one of our partner universities in March or April. ​

    When your internship begins, for the first two weeks, participants will attend an orientation and training program. You will then spend the remainder of the summer selling in a designated area, driving marketing projects or solving analytical problems in one of 3M’s four business groups: Safety and Industrial, Transportation & Electronics, Healthcare, and Consumer.

  • How can you begin the recruitment and application process?

    The Frontline Intern Program's open positions are posted in September and close in November. Search key word “Frontline” here.

  • Frontline's History

    Frontline was designed with the intent of increasing the amount of sales education content at universities. By collaborating with universities and faculty, as well as aligning 3M sales leaders and resources, 3M has had a hand in helping our partner universities develop their professional sales education programs. ​​

    ​Since 2012, the program has expanded to address business needs for undergraduate marketing roles. In 2016, based on the increased need to decipher and interpret big data, Frontline began offering business analyst roles. These expansions are helping 3M grow into the future.​​

    ​Frontline also enables 3M to address its needs for attracting a diverse talent pool of performance-ready, entry-level candidates. This need is reflective of the culture that exists at 3M today. 


  • Tricia Mensing-Kaiser, business analyst and data scientist, and former Frontline Sales intern

    "For my internship project, I focused on using prescriptive and predictive analytics to improve and automate a sales forecasting model. I was able to apply and grow my statistical knowledge and analytical skills." Tricia Mensing-Kaiser, business analyst and data scientist, and former Frontline Sales intern

Future Opportunities

  • Caitlin Anderson, distribution sales specialist – Personal Safety division and former Frontline sales intern

    "The Frontline program supplied me with countless tools to set me up for success, including a robust training program that covered sales techniques, product training and systems/program training. It also provided me with a fantastic network of friends and colleagues who were going through the same internship program. I was also given a mentor who had gone through the internship and was there to help guide me." Caitlin Anderson, distribution sales specialist – Personal Safety division and former Frontline sales intern


  • Evan Jackson, Government Transportation and Safety Advocate and former Frontline Sales Intern​

    "Compared to other programs, the Frontline Sales program really empowered me to take ownership of my experience. The harder I worked and the more effort I put in, the more that I learned and grew, and was given back to me by 3M. I was constantly surrounded by other interns who were sharpening their skills and had a constant hunger to get better. The impromptu mentorship by sales professionals around the nation really reinforced that 3M is an organization that seeks to make sure everyone succeeds. " Evan Jackson, government transportation and safety advocate, and former Frontline Sales intern

Understand the Frontline Experience

See and hear about the real-life experiences of former interns & their 3M business supervisors as they discuss their work-life, networking, community and what success looks like.

Interested in the Frontline Program?

To find out current openings in the Frontline program, click the "Search jobs" button and then search "Frontline".