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Finance Internships​

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The finance internship program allows you to be a part of an industry-leading organization that provides business financial analysis, consulting, auditing and reporting. With customized career paths, strategic business partnership responsibilities, and access to networking and leadership opportunities, the possibilities are unlimited with this opportunity.​


Program Details

  • What sets this program apart from the others?​

    Finance interns are given the opportunity to address relevant business concerns through individual and group assignments across all functions: Business Finance Counsel, Auditing, Tax, Treasury, Financial Planning & Analysis, Data Analytics, Mergers & Acquisitions and Investor Relations.​

    During your time as an intern, you will also have opportunities to build your professional network and gain exposure to senior leadership through project work, informational interviews, social events and a formal presentation to the CFO and Finance Executive Leadership Team. ​

    Mentorship is also an important part of learning at 3M. Each intern will be paired with a former intern as a buddy to assist in learning. ​

  • How long is the program?​

    A finance internship is typically 10-12 weeks, starting in May and running through August.

  • Where will you be located?​

    The finance internship program is based at 3M’s global headquarters in Maplewood, MN.​

  • What kinds of roles are candidates hired into?​

    The internship serves as a pipleline for 3M and allows the opportunity for interns to become full-time 3Mers. As a 3Mer, you’ll gain direct exposure to leadership through two to three assignments across Finance over a three to five-year period in any of the following areas:​

    • Business Finance Counsel: Responsible for a business segment, product line, plant or staff organization to provide business counsel, analysis and financial recommendations  ​
    • Auditing: Perform audits in specific organizations or audit process improvement projects​
    • Business Accounting: Improve global financial accounting processes or assigned responsibility for a process or business segment to provide accurate, efficient and timely financial reporting and analysis and participate in process standardization​
    • Treasury: Assess and make recommendations on investment or risk management strategies​
    • Plant Analyst Center: Analyze a given improvement opportunity in a United States-based Plant Financial Analyst Center that would either create, standardize or optimize processes or reporting for the plant's financial support​
    • Data Analytics: Apply programming skills and advanced statistical modelling techniques to large quantities of data to deliver insights into major finance questions and problems​
  • How can you begin the recruitment and application process?​

    The finance internship program posts open positions in September and closes in January. Search key words “finance internship” here.

    You can also connect with 3M at the following events: ​

    • Consortium Orientation Program​
    • National Black MBA Conference​
    • Reaching Out MBA Conference​​

    3M’s recruiting teams also partner with the following schools:​

    • Central Michigan University​
    • DePaul​
    • Indiana University ​
    • Texas State University​
    • University of Illinois – Urbana- Champaign​
    • University of Minnesota – Twin Cities​
    • University of Texas – Austin​
    • University of Wisconsin – Madison​


  • Ting Chen, finance intern

    "The goal of my project is to develop a forward-facing forecasting model based on historical data, both external and internal, to help the Investor Relations team adjust outward-facing estimates to better manage investor expectations and gain credibility with investors." Ting Chen, finance intern

Future Opportunities​

  • Amy Ness, financial analyst and former finance intern​

    "It was a huge advantage to start my career after the internship because not only did I understand the businesses and systems at 3M, but I already had a network of individuals who I could go to with questions as I began my career." Amy Ness, financial analyst and former finance intern​


  • Natasha Torres, finance intern

    “You can have an impactful experience and get to know a lot of people and the city you are living in.  I like to involve myself in the places where I live and have felt included in every activity I’ve participated in." Natasha Torres, finance intern

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