Corporate Engineering Internships​

Corporate Engineering Internships​

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Corporate Engineering Internship Program​

The Corporate Engineering internship program allows you to submerse yourself in the teams that are designing, building, installing and commissioning equipment and products for all areas of 3M’s business.​


Program Details​

  • What sets this program apart from the others?​

    3M engineering supports all 3M divisions and business groups around the globe, managing more than $1B in capital expenditures annually. You’ll work alongside engineers of various disciplines who lead cross-functional teams with representatives from business groups, laboratories, administrative and manufacturing functions, along with outside resources such as suppliers and consultants to implement projects.

  • How long is the program?​

    An engineering internship is typically 12 weeks, starting in May and running through August.

  • Where will you be located?​

    Most assignments are based at 3M’s global headquarters in Maplewood, MN. Other internship opportunities may be at 3M’s manufacturing locations. Approximately 20 percent of the engineering team, known as resident engineers, are in manufacturing locations throughout the United States. Location assignments are described in each job posting.​

  • What kinds of roles are candidates hired into?​

    As a Corporate Engineering intern, you will have responsibilities that align to two main functions—Project Engineers, and Engineering Systems and Technologies (ES&T) Engineers.  ​

    Project engineers function as project managers, leading teams to ensure scope, cost and schedule meets or exceeds expectations. ​

    ES&T engineers are focused on technology clusters, including but not limited to machine design and production line layout, engineering analysis, facilities, control systems, process electrical and manufacturing systems engineering.​

  • What activities are provided during the program?​

    Each Corporate Engineering intern will be assigned a manager and a technical mentor, in addition to a project of the same level of complexity as our new-graduate, full-time hires. This allows each intern to gain an understanding of a 3M Engineering role.  ​

    In addition to the work, business and social networking activities are available to introduce participants to 3M resources, networks and culture.​

  • How can you begin the recruitment and application process?​

    The Corporate Engineering internship program posts open positions in September. Search key words “Corporate Engineering internship” here.​

    Additional Information

    Based on project needs, business travel may be required.  ​

    We seek individuals that demonstrate excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills, in addition to team leadership and membership skills and experiences.​


  • Keagan Blazer, project engineering intern​

    "I am currently working on 10 projects, all for different products supported by the Medical Solutions Division. Projects range from replacing old equipment to doubling the production output of a process line to coming up with an entirely new quality management system for products. My favorite project is our Nypro project, which is seeking to find a better solution for monitoring the quality of 3M’s Ranger Fluid Warming System." Keagan Blazer, project engineering intern​

Future Opportunities

  • Daniel Baack, facilities mechanical engineer and former engineering intern​

    "I felt the opportunities provided to engineers at 3M are unique compared to many other companies. Engineers fill many of the technical roles at 3M, but also hold many significant business and leadership roles. The best example of this is our CEO, Mike Roman, who has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. " Daniel Baack, facilities mechanical engineer and former engineering intern​


  • Grant Engeman, project engineering intern​

    "My biggest takeaway from my internship has been learning to think with a new approach for everything I’m doing. My mindset makes all the difference, whether I spot a potential area of improvement or ask the right questions in a design meeting. For the rest of my life I want to look at the bigger picture of what I am doing and how it relates to the other moving parts of the total system so that I can make the most compatible, efficient and user-friendly system possible." Grant Engeman, project engineering intern​

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