• Preparing for a 3M Interview: Your Checklist for Success

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      You applied for a role at 3M and got an interview. Congratulations! Preparing for an interview can seem overwhelming. However, by checking off these 12 steps, you should feel confident heading in:

      Scheduling the interview:

      Ensure the way you are communicating when scheduling the interview with the recruiter or manager directly is professional and clear.

      Ask the manager in advance if they have any specific information you can come prepared with to the interview. For example, are you going to need to give a presentation or discuss a certain project they found interesting on your resume?

      Make sure you understand where you are going and who you are meeting.

      In the time leading up to the interview:

      Get to know 3M as a company. Here are some links that can help:


        Take time to make the connection between your past experiences and what the position requires.

        Study the description of the job that you applied for and be prepared to ask detailed questions about the responsibility and scope of the position.
          These could be questions about initiatives or projects, team culture or the scope of the role.

        Practice typical interview questions out loud. It really does help you feel more confident in the interview.

      The day of the interview:

      Be aware of your non-verbal communication. Your body language is just as important as your verbal communication. Be mindful of your behavior from the moment you arrive on site.

      Dress to stand out and in something you feel confident in. If you are unsure of what the dress code is for the interview, it is okay to ask the recruiter or reach out to the manager. If you are unable to find out, a safe option is to always keep your attire business professional.

      It might seem old school but having nice crisp copies of your resume (and work samples if appropriate) to hand to the interviewer or interview panel is important.

      Arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of the interview time.

      You will need to sign in at many 3M facilities because they are secured buildings, so be sure to bring a government-issued picture ID.

      3M managers can tell when a candidate has done their homework and shows up prepared. There is no better way to show your true interest in a position than being prepared, and it will be appreciated when you are.