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A cost-effective way to help protect your schools.

3M™ Safety and Security Window Film for Schools

  • At 3M the safety of children and staff in schools is a top priority. Sadly, active shooter events are on the rise. Even with the highest quality lock or alarm system, a building remains penetrable if the windows can be easily broken. 3M is proud to be a trusted partner of thousands of schools across the country, providing solutions to fortify windows and glass. We are committed to helping schools create a safer learning environment for all.

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What 3M Safety and Security Films do for your school

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    Fortify the weakest points of entry

    The glass on windows and doors of a school can be a vulnerable entry point into the building. Most schools do not have fortified glass to prevent shattering, resulting in potentially easy access through the window.

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    Deter intruders and provide precious extra response time

    3M Safety and Security Film holds broken glass together hindering anyone trying to break and enter through a glass door or window. Slowing the intruder down, and helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your building.

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    Provide a quick and cost effective solution

    Quick implementation and easy application over the existing glazing. More cost effective than replacing all of the windows and doors with laminated glass or other retrofit safety solutions.

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    Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, OH (PDF, 5.2 MB)

    More than 100 years after its founding, the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati is the oldest continuously operating Jewish federation in North America. Started in 1896, the group is a resource for Cincinnati’s Jewish population, encouraging networking, coordinating community giving and providing support for various organizations throughout the region. The Federation aims to identify and prioritize the needs of the Jewish Community, and today, with active shooter events on the rise, the safety of children in schools was identified as a top priority. The search for better security measure eventually led to a 3M product—3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film Ultra S800 and 3M™ Impact Protection Profile Attachment System.

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3M Safety and Security film is put to the test

Brink Fidler, Founder of Defend Systems, a life safety and security consulting firm, explains why he recommends 3M Safety and Security Film and shows how it greatly reduces an intruders ability to breach the glass.

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  • Important Notice
    This product is not approved in the State of Florida for use as hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from wind-borne debris from a hurricane or windstorm. In compliance with Florida Statute 553.842, this product may not be advertised, solid, offered, provided, distributed, or marketed in the State of Florida as hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from wind-borne debris from a hurricane or windstorm.
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