3M Science of Safety

Helping employers solve health and safety challenges daily.

Anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control workplace hazards and risks through the science of safety.

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What is the 3M Science of Safety?

Helping protect people and enhance productivity.

  • Safety managers. Workers. Business owners. Everyone at a worksite plays a role in helping keep people healthy and safe. At 3M, our role is to help you solve the complex health and safety challenges you face—providing the wide range of resources and solutions you need each step of the way. From identifying hazards to providing education and training, we can help you get your job done and get your workers back home through the science of safety.

Explore the 3M Science of Safety

  • 3M Science of Safety Industry Experience
    Industry Experience

    Work in a unique environment? With professionals serving over 20 industries, we can often understand and relate to complex health and safety challenges.

  • 3M Science of Safety Hazard Awareness
    Hazard Awareness

    Discover more about health and safety hazards, increase your understanding of regulations, and be better prepared to choose appropriate PPE solutions for your unique worksite.

  • 3M Science of Safety Regulatory Knowledge
    Regulatory Knowledge

    Get many of your compliance questions answered. Our global team is knowledgeable of local PPE standards and ready to help.

  • 3M Science of Safety Innovative Technologies
    Innovative Technologies

    Explore comfortable, fitted PPE—inspired by worker insights and designed to enhance productivity.

  • 3M Science of Safety Quality Products
    Quality Products

    Trust PPE that's known for durability and reliability—made possible by our stringent development processes.

  • 3M Science of Safety Educating & Training
    Education & Training

    Find training experiences and educational materials for your unique health and safety goals.

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3M Science of Safety

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3M Science of Safety Infographic

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Advancing the science of safety means keeping up-to-date by using all types of educational resources to help keep you and your workers healthy, safe and compliant. To learn more about how you can further your effort with 3M’s science of safety, click on the buttons to the right.