3M™ Copper Roofing Granules


  • 3M™ Copper Roofing Granules are the key ingredient used in shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector to help protect shingles against black streaks caused by algae for up to 20 years! By capitalizing on our high quality granules and innovative thinking, manufacturers are able to use a mixture of both copper and classic granules to create a premium asphalt shingle that fights black streaks caused by algae. This innovative design helps maintain your roofs clean appearance and preserve its beauty for years to come. So go ahead, admire your beautiful new roof with shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector.


  • Diagram of The Science of Copper Containing Granules

    The Science of Copper Containing Granules

    3M™ Copper Roofing Granules provide long-lasting, weather-resistant protection that help defend against algae growth that causes ugly black streaks. 3M's science-based mineral innovations and long expertise in mining has created a unique environment to produce specialty granules with a variety of features. For example, here's how our copper containing granules work:

    • The controlled release of copper ions to inhibit black streaks caused by algae
    • Black streaks caused by algae are inhibited if there is enough copper present in the moisture on the roof
    • 3M copper granules are engineered to release copper ions at a controlled rate to help prevent black streaks from getting established
    • Areas on the roof with low concentrations of copper in the moisture are at a higher risk of developing black streaks