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  • 3M has a rich history in manufacturing and mining, starting in 1902. The 3M Industrial Mineral Products Division is part of that heritage; producing quality granules for the roofing industry for over 85 years. Using 3M science in processing, coating, and adhesives technologies allows us to improve the performance and durability of our granules, giving manufacturers a better product that will stand the test of time.

Our Granules

3M quality granules are dense, non-porous, UV ray resistant and tough enough to stand up under handling. With a proprietary ceramic color coating and surface treatment, 3M granules reduce color variability of the shingle and reduce asphaltic staining from bundles in storage.

3M offers three distinct types of roofing granules: Classic, Cool, and Copper:

  • 3M™ Classic Roofing Granules

    Made of a natural mineral product coated in ceramic, classic granules meet the toughest tests of time, weather and visual appeal.

  • 3M™ Cool Roofing Granules

    The perfect example of 3M innovation, cool granules are used in shingles that can be energy efficient, solar reflective and economically friendly.

  • 3M™ Copper Roofing Granules

    Copper granules are the key ingredient used in shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector, which protect against black streaks caused by algae.

  • 3M™ Smog-reducing Granules

    An environmentally focused granule for green building that helps reduce smog pollutants and improve air quality.

Our Plants

3M Industrial Mineral Products has four plants conveniently located across the United States to better serve our manufacturing customers. Our plants support both bulk rail and bulk truck shipping, with super sack bagging at some locations for smaller quantities.

More Resources

  • 3M Roofing Innovation Center Tour Video

    Roofing Innovation Center

    In this video Randy Morgan, National Accounts Manager for Industrial Minerals, takes us on a tour through the 3M Roofing Innovation Center where we help manufacturers develop and test shingle color blends.

    This process allows manufacturers to easily see what a color would look like on a roof. Taking a mere 20-30 minutes for the center to complete; manufacturers benefit from quick, simple and realistic color examples without tying up their own production lines for testing.

    Technical Data Sheets

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