3M™ Classic Roofing Granules

  • 3M™ Classic Roofing Granules are dense, non-porous, UV ray resistant, and tough enough to stand up under handling. Made of a natural mineral product coated in ceramic, the granules meet the toughest tests of time, weather and visual appeal. Prime roofing granules are the protective pixels of beautiful shingles. It’s from 3M’s expertise and long history in mining and geology, starting over 100 years ago in Two Harbors Minnesota, which allow us to create such a durable yet beautiful product. Through advances in mineral crushing, color coating and treatments, 3M roofing granules enable shingle manufactures to design beautiful roofing styles and colors in an array of choices and specialty features.

    Corona, CA Color Guide (PDF, 1.17 MB)

    Little Rock, AR Color Guide (PDF, 7.33 MB)

    Wausau, WI Color Guide (PDF, 2.70 MB)

    Pittsboro, NC Color Guide (PDF, 1.19 MB)

  • 3M produces the granules, but it's the shingle manufacturers who create the shingles that you see on homes and commercial buildings across the country. 3M is honored to partner with multiple shingle manufacturers across the country, allowing us to provide hundreds of shingle options so that homeowners are certain to find a shingle to suit their home. Check out our manufacturers' websites below to learn more about the vast number of shingle and roofing options available!

    Shingle Manufacturers using 3M granules


  • Diagram of 3M Roofing Granules

    3M™ Classic Roofing Granules provide long-lasting, weather-resistant protection in an array of colors. 3M's unique mineral innovations and history in mining help produce granules that:

    1. Are dense, non-porous, UV ray resistant and tough enough to stand up under handling.
    2. Contain a proprietary ceramic coating.
    3. Include DREW treatment which is a proprietary process that blends a polymer coating with a surfactant all developed using 3M science.

      DREW treatment helps:
      • Reduce color variability on shingle
      • Reduce asphaltic staining from bundles in storage


3M Blended Color Granules

  • 3M Blended Granules are designed to drop into the manufacturing process without the need for in-line blending. With a breadth of colors, these granules are intended to compliment asphalt shingle blends for use on cap sheets or other roofing installations.

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