Roof on house with shingles with Scotchgard Protector- Roof it Right logo - Mike Holmes Jr & Sherry Holmes

Roof it Right – Season 1

With Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes

Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes grew up watching their celebrity dad, Mike Holmes, “Make It Right”. Now it’s their turn as they host an exclusive five-part web series, Roof It Right, in which they team up with Atlas Pro™ contractors to replace ugly, streaky roofs for two lucky homeowners using shingles with Scotchgard™ Protector.

  • Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes
    Roof it Right | Ep01

    Mike Holmes Jr. joined George Boudreaux, owner of Pelican Roofing in Lafayette, LA, at the home of Carl and Ann Leblanc, who began noticing black streaks on their roof about four years ago. Sherry Holmes met up with Kyle Grasso, president of A-Team Roofing in Collierville, TN, and homeowners Mark and Donna Collinsworth, who have been living with ugly algae stains on their roof for more than five years.

  • Homeowners roofing contractors
    Roof it Right | Ep02

    The Contractors & Homeowners
    Watch Mike Holmes Jr and Sherry Holmes meet the homeowners in Collierville and Lafayette each receiving a new roof free from black streaks. A-Team Roofing and Pelican Roofing get ready to install Atlas shingles with Scotchgard™ Protector in a beautiful color each homeowner selected to complement their home.

  • Sherry Holmes and A-Team roofing discussing
    Roof it Right | Ep03

    The Shingle
    A-Team roofing discusses their choice of shingle with Sherry Holmes. Mike Holmes Jr. and Pelican Roofing discuss choosing a quality shingle for their homeowner’s new roof. Both teams discuss the prevalence of black streaks on roofs and how to prevent this curb appeal problem.

  • Mike Holmes and A-Team Roofing
    Roof it Right | Ep04

    Advice from the Pros
    Join Mike Holmes Jr. as he discusses choosing the right product for the job, selecting a roofing contractor and general roof maintenance recommendations. Sherry Holmes joins A-Team on the roof to compare the old tear-off materials with the new roofing materials being installed to protect the roof and the curb appeal of the home.

  • The reveal - roof view of home
    Roof it Right | Ep05

    The Reveal
    It’s reveal day for both homeowners! Join Mike, Sherry, the contractors and homeowners for the before and after reveals of the two new roofs and their new, beautiful curb appeal. Pelican Roofing and A-Team Roofing “Make it Right” for the Leblancs in Lafayette, LA, and the Collinsworth family in Collierville, TN.