Respiratory protection applications & hazards

Every respiratory protection application has its own unique challenges and hazards. That's why 3M™ Respirators are designed with features that will meet the needs of your industry and specific application, help to provide protection against particulates, gas and vapors, organic vapors and nuisance odors.


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  • Our respirators can help protect your workers who are handling small to large molecules and those exposed to solvents, acids and volatile organic compounds.  

  • Whether you are welding, grinding and finishing or painting, foaming and coating, our respiratory protection products can help you meet your PEL needs with comfort and style

  • Find the respiratory products and resources you need to help manage the hazardous situations you encounter. Find respiratory protection information to help you with managing your patients with confirmed infection or PUI, patient decontamination, or emergency prepardeness.

  • Navigating the respiratory hazards of your construction project can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to protect against many different kinds. Our respirators come in a variety styles and can often be integrated with other safety equipment you need.

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Choosing and using 3M Respiratory Protection products