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Train with 3M anti-graffiti graphic and window film applied on the exterior

Rail Technology & Production Applications

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Keeping pace with the rapid changes taking place in rail technology is more difficult than ever. Using 46 technology platforms with 80 years of experience our integrated team of scientists and researchers work with customers to create breakthroughs and help you stay one step ahead of the changes. Today’s railway designs are lighter, faster, more aerodynamic and energy efficient than ever, with lighter weight materials and sleek designs. 3M technologies can help maximize manufacturing and operational efficiencies, while lowering costs and improving long-term performance.

Increased productivity
From abrasives that cut and finish surfaces quicker, smoother and easier, to paint shop solutions that reduce material usage, clean-up and waste, 3M solutions can help to make your rail car manufacturing, maintenance and refurbishment processes faster, cleaner and ultimately, more cost-effective.

Improved energy efficiency
Our lightweighting solutions include industrial tapes and adhesives which remove the need for heavy mechanical fasteners, while our solar window films help to reduce heat gain and energy costs.

Prolonged asset life
From infrastructure, including bridges, stations and gantries, to rail car and its components, 3M™ Scotchkote™ liquid coatings help provide long-lasting corrosion protection and finishing, while also helping to minimize downtime.

Enhanced passenger experience
Our vinyl films and anti-graffiti solutions help keep trains looking smart, while our noise insulation technologies help make journeys quieter.

Protected worker safety
Our range of comfortable, carefully designed personal protective equipment (PPE) offers your workers effective protection, with products that they feel good about wearing.

View the Applications where 3M can help improve product performance and optimize manufacturing efficiencies.

  • Rail Car Manufacturing

    3M’s science aids in building rail cars more efficiently, more cost effectively and above all, more competitively. With innovative solutions ranging from adhesives to graphic films, 3M industrial design solutions help to meet the challenges of lightweighting, noise and vibration issues.

  • Rail Car Maintenance and Refurbishment

    When it comes to the overhaul and maintenance of rail cars, rail operating companies face many different demands but they all share the same needs – to reduce turnaround times and refurbishment costs, while achieving exacting quality and safety standards. 3M’s unique portfolio gives you the edge providing you with a continually evolving range of innovative, world-class rail car refurbishment solutions.

  • Man climbing up a ladder while wearing worker safety equipment by 3M

    Worker Safety

    Any organization should not take safety for granted. The health and welfare of your workforce depends on it. By working in association with skilled safety practitioners, partners and customers, we are committed to ensuring that we help you create an environment that protects your workforce – effectively, efficiently and economically. We offer ranges in respiratory, head, eye, hearing, skin and fall protection that not only offer optimal protection functions, but excel in comfort too.

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