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Improve the lifespan and energy output of your turbines with 3M™ Wind Protection Tape 2.1

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Wind turbines are a growing source of global renewable energy. As turbines age, rain erosion can degrade energy production, reducing profitability. . Leading edge protection from 3M has got your blades covered. . From erosion protection and repair products that can help extend the life of your turbines, to tapes and adhesives used in blade manufacturing,3M is ready to help you build the next generation of wind energy systems. With a portfolio of more than 45 advanced core technologies and a 100-year history of industrial innovation, 3M products are designed to streamline manufacturing, enhance reliability, improve performance and provide protection against weathering and harsh environments.

Wind Energy Portfolio

Exposure to harsh environments is a given in the wind industry. With a portfolio of more than 45 advanced core technologies and a 100-year history of industrial innovation, 3M is uniquely positioned to help you develop solutions that provide protection, enhance reliability and improve performance in many facets of design and manufacturing.

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    Applications for 3M Wind Energy


Rotating at speeds of up to 200 mph (320 kph), wind turbine blades risk constant damage. 3M offers solutions to help limit damage and improve efficiency.

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The complex machinery at the heart of wind turbines require expert support. 3M helps make installation and maintenance in nacelles safer, simpler and long-lasting.

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At more than 200 feet tall, wind turbine towers hold yards of cables with connections and devices. 3M solutions help make these easier to install and maintain.

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At 3M you’ll find a team of experienced experts who are eager to help you develop new ways to take wind energy to the next level. Let our 100 years of technology, marketing and manufacturing experience help propel you into a sustainable and more profitable future. Contact us today to see how 3M's renewal energy expertise can help you meet the challenges of today's marketplace.