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factory workers aligning solar cells

Solar Module Manufacturing

Improve module reliability and power output with 3M's module assembly and light management products.


Module Assembly Solutions

  • Drive down the cost per watt with 3M Crystalline Silicon solutions. Our advanced materials work together to protect against extreme weather and increase energy output.

  • Get the most out of your solar modules by enhancing throughput performance with 3M Thin Film Solutions.

Products for Solar Module Assemblies

From durable films that can replace glass to the adhesives that hold panels in place, 3M solar products are engineered to enhance performance and improve reliability.

Ready for installation?

  • Identify underground assets quickly and accurately with the 3M Asset Marking System

  • Explore our field-applied electrical solutions that support the reliability and long-term performance of of solar array installations

Have Questions?

Our dedicated technical team is here to help you approach your next project with confidence. Get in-depth product information, valuable application guidance, training options and more.