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Wind Blade Manufacturing and Maintenance


Leading edge protection from 3M helps protect your top and bottom line.

Protect your blades. Protect your budget. Protect your AEP.
Improve the lifespan and energy output of your turbines with 3M™ Wind Protection Tape 2.1

  • image of part of a wind blade that was damaged by erosion

    Image shows unprotected wind blade (left) versus wind blade protected by 3M Wind Protection Tape (right)

  • Erosion can eat more than your wind blades

    Erosion can reduce energy production by over 5%, amounting to $10,000+ in lost revenue per turbine annually.*

    Wind blades with severe damage can cost up to $30,000 to repair.

    *Calculations based on 3 MW turbine, 30% capacity factor, $30/MWh.


Optimize Wind Blade Aerodynamics

Get the most out of your wind blades by improving the energy-production performance of the entire turbine. With 3M Vortex Generators, airflow separation is reduced, helping avoid aerodynamic stall which can have a significant negative impact on turbine performance.

  • image of worker suspended in air installing 3M Vortex Generators
  • Potentially increase annual energy production up to 3%

    A fast and economical way to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of a variety of existing blade and turbine types. Our field-proven design has a proven track record of performance improvement, and protection against weathering and harsh environments.

Wind Blade Products

  • A sprayable, soluble synthetic elastomer based adhesive designed for bonding/holding various materials in place during the infusion process.

  • Helps protect blade surfaces from power-robbing damaged caused by minor impacts, rain, sleet, sand, dirt, or other debris. Excellent UV resistance for long-term reliability.

  • Permanently bond and attach many substrates with immediate holding strength; no drying time or clamping required.

  • Helps improve the airflow performance of wind turbines.

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