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Renewable Energy Installations: We have your solution

Reliable solutions for your renewable electrical system installations.

Global Renewable Usage Trajectory

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    Solar Energy

    Projections show that solar energy generation will account for approximately 35% of total energy generation by 2050.

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    Wind Energy

    By 2050, both offshore and onshore wind energy generation will account for approximately 30% of total energy generation.

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    Battery Energy Storage

    Scaling up battery energy storage is crucial to improve the alignment of solar and wind energy outputs with electricity demand patterns and system needs, providing hour-to-hour flexibility and grid stability.

Electrical Installation Challenges

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    Downtime due to faulty connection

    After a cable accessory is installed, it could be subject to non-standard service conditions and/or adverse environments. This can affect the long-term performance and life expectancy of the splice causing a failure.

    3M™ Cold Shrink QS-III Splice technology is designed for long-term reliability, performance and minimization of potential installation errors.

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    Trend towards using higher product DC voltage

    HVDC technology offers the most efficient means of transmitting large amount of power over long distances, help connect renewables energy to the grid, and stabilize three-phase-grids. That is why it has become a growing trend.

    The 3M™ Cold Shrink QS-III Splice bodies with its thick, molded outer semi-conductive shell, comply with the requirements of the IEEE 592 offering a superior and more reliable product.

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    Thermal Runaway Failures

    In the renewable energy environment, cable accessories must withstand extreme load cycles and, if not robust enough, will be at high risk of failure.

    3M™ Cold Shrink cable accessories firmly shrinks onto the cable insulation, providing an active seal, without loss of pressure due to cable heat cycling.

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    Reducing Neutral Current on Long 35 kV runs

    Long runs to the transmission substation can cause high neutral currents which can cause the circuit to be derated.

    Cross-bond the circuit to reduce neutral current using a well-designed splice combined with high-quality manufacturing. Given the 3M™ Cold Shrink QS-III Splice’s precise geometry, the electrical stresses within the splice are less than those experienced by the cable insulation.

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3M Electrical Solutions

From start to finish, 3M provides reliable solutions to help solve your challenging electrical installations for wind farms, solar farms and battery energy storage systems.

Premium technologies for reliable electrical connections

  • 100% factory tested, these medium voltage splice kits are used with 1C and 3C cables, armored or non armored, as well as transitions and trifurcation.

  • Integrated design cold shrink termination which combines steps to speed-up installation.

  • Make quick, easy and reliable connections between conductors. Additionally, easily handle conductor-size transitions, as well as aluminum to copper transitions.

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    3M™ Cold Shrink Splice for WF 2kV

    Insulates and protects connections against the environment on 2kV cables. It is a quick and reliable solution to connecting down-tower cables, PV cables and other 2kV rated cables.

Solutions to advance your electrical installation.

  • Help protect your assets from surges. These products connect with IEEE 386 compliant 600A interfaces, making the installation quick and easy.

  • IEEE 386 compliant separable connectors that provide a great solution for your separable medium voltage connection needs.

  • Make quick, easy and reliable termination connections with these 2-hole lugs that have range-taking abilities and work with both copper and aluminum conductors.

  • Utilizing 3M electrical tapes at solar farms offers excellent insulation and provides long-lasting and secure electrical connections.

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  • 3M locators and markers help manage underground cable damage, improve safety and minimize repairs.

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