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Learn the right skills and proper techniques with 3M Installer Trainings.

With extensive, hands-on training courses for 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080, 3M™ Paint Protection Film and 3M™ Automotive Window Film, trained experts will help you take your skills to the next level.

Whether you’re a beginner or an established professional, these best-in-class training courses will help you rise above the competition, master your craft, and ultimately boost your business. 3M Installer Training courses are an important step in becoming a 3M Preferred Installer. The courses will help you expand your knowledge and skills to prepare for the 3M Preferred Installer test.

Reap the rewards.

  • Installers being trained with 3M vehicle wrap

    Be Informed

    Learn the latest techniques and standards from industry experts. Practice the techniques in an in-depth, hands-on training.

    Be Recognized

    Installers who pass the test will receive the accreditation of 3M Preferred Installer— a title shared by some of the best in the industry. This title will increase your status as an installer and give you instant credibility with your clients.

    Be Featured

    Promote yourself and your business as a leader in installations and we’ll promote your services on our installer locator tool, where interested customers can go to find reputable installers. *Must also be a 3M Authorized Dealer for 3M Paint Protection Film or 3M Automotive Window Film.

  • Installers applying vinyl 3M wrap film to car
    3M Films Training for Vehicle Color Change

    Gain inspiration, confidence and respect after acquiring the skills you need to apply accents and color change wraps.

    This two-day training exclusively focuses on the fundamentals of installing vinyl 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 and using 3M™ Knifeless Tape. The course includes instruction on utilizing tools such as the squeegee and heat gun, wrapping various areas of cars including compound and recessed locations and applying racing stripes.

    Upon completion of two days of training, installers who have the necessary knowledge and skills can go through the testing process. Installers who pass the test will receive a certificate and the designation 3M Vehicle Color Change Preferred Installer.


  • Installer applying a 3M Automotive Window Film to a car window
    3M™ Automotive Window Film Installer Training

    You can impress consumers looking to enhance the comfort and appearance of their vehicles, after learning the latest techniques for applying window films.

    This two-day course includes a special section on 3M™ Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series. Training also includes instruction on film selection, prepping, mixture ratios, trimming and hand cutting as well as pre-cut kits, heat forming and final inspection.

    Upon completion of two days of training, installers who have the necessary knowledge and skills can go through the testing process. Installers who pass the test will receive a certificate and the designation 3M™ Automotive Window Film with Crystalline Preferred Installer.

  • Installer applying 3M paint protection film to a car hood
    3M™ Paint Protection Film Preferred Installer Training

    Help give your customers peace of mind against damaging elements by learning the best techniques for installing 3M Paint Protection Films.

    This two-day training will focus on installing 3M™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series. The skills you learn in this training will help you increase your output and consistently apply 3M Paint Protection Film to vehicles. The course includes instruction on complex curves, film repositioning, trimming and cutting and use of 3M™ Patterns and Solutions Center software.

    Upon completion of two days of training, installers who have the necessary knowledge and skills can go through the testing process. Installers who pass the test will receive a certificate and the designation 3M™ Paint Protection Film Preferred Installer.

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Roll up your sleeves with world class instructors

All 3M Installer Training courses are taught by 3M Authorized Trainers who provide extensive hands-on instruction — including the best skills and the latest techniques. They’ve not only earned their reputation as industry leaders, they’ve earned titles as 3M Authorized Trainers by learning how to best teach you installation skills. Our experts are eager to share their knowledge to help you get to the next level.

  •     Portrait of Philip Aquin       
    Philip Aquin
    Phil is the lead trainer for 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080. He has over 30 years of installation experience and 11 years experience conducting trainings. When asked how advanced trainers benefit from courses he replied, “Advanced trainers walk away with a better understanding of why certain techniques are used and they realize how they can implement them for a better approach. Sometimes they have to start correcting bad habits.”
  •     Portrait of Nick Dahm       
    Nick Dahm
    Nick is a 3M Authorized Trainer for window films who developed a love for education and instruction as a volunteer firefighter. He believes the strength of 3M Personal Auto Training lies in the diversity of its instructors. He commented, “We bring together individuals from different countries, backgrounds, and skill sets to create a fundamental approach that fits the trainees needs.”
  •     Portrait of Logan Moody       
    Logan Moody
    Logan is a 3M Authorized Trainer for paint protection film with 20 years of experience in the wrap film industry. He’s led training courses all over the world. His favorite part of being an instructor is witnessing the “ah hah” moment when students suddenly understand the skill he’s teaching. His most important tip to students, “Listen to those around you to learn and adapt your skill set to always improve.”

  • 3M Preferred Installer logo
    Set yourself apart as a 3M Preferred Installer.

    3M Preferred Installers have proven their knowledge of the latest techniques and skills which they consistently use to exceed their customers’ expectations. When you pass the test for a specific product line, you’ll receive a certificate and the corresponding Preferred Installer designation. You’ll also receive the 3M Preferred Installers emblem which you can use for advertising within your shop marketing and other forms of marketing.

  • 3M Pro Shop Dealer logo
    Attain the highest level as a 3M™ Pro Shop Dealer.

    Shops who have a 3M Preferred Installer on staff have the opportunity to further distinguish your business by becoming a 3M Pro Shop Dealer. As a 3M Pro Shop Dealer, you’ll not only diversify your offerings, you’ll also be eligible for additional benefits and support from 3M.

See for yourself.

Rise to the top and stay there with ongoing resources.

Our 3M Authorized Trainers stay connected with you after training to provide continuous support and access to more training resources. Resources include your trainers’ contact information so you can reach out to them directly with any questions and our 3M™ COSMO app which gives you instant access to 3M™ Personal Auto content such as product selectors, informative videos and online tools. These ongoing resources will also help as you prepare to take the next step of testing to become a 3M Preferred Installer. New to the industry installers may need practice and support before taking the test, and once you’ve taken training our 3M Authorized Trainers are there to help.

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