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Food and beverage packaging solutions from 3M

Help improve process efficiency, maintain product safety and activate cost-saving processes that get your products where they need to go with the quality your customers expect.

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3M Packaging Solutions designed for the world of food and beverage.

3M has been helping customers automate case sealing operations for over 50 years, and our 3M and Scotch® brands of tapes and materials reflect nearly 100 years of continuous improvement of 3M’s core packaging families. We also have options you can customize for greater brand recognition.

  • We have tapes designed for high humidity, freezer conditions and other specific environments of the food and beverage industry.

  • Whether you need a case sealer for one size or one that automatically adjusts to different case sizes, we offer reliable options.

  • Our primary packaging products will help you stand out from the competition with custom branding on your packaging.

Addressing the challenges of packaging and shipping in food and beverage markets

Some of the most critical issues facing businesses as they compete in the food and beverage markets are customer faith in product surety, improving process efficiencies, manufacturing flexibility and brand/package differentiation. 3M Box Sealing Tapes help address these challenges: they can be applied at high speeds with great consistency, offering greater assurance of security for each package, and certain tapes can also be printed with your logo to add brand awareness. Finally, package sealing can also be automated by adding a case sealer that offers the same traits of speed, consistency and security while running automatically so you can redeploy valuable labor.

  • High Speed

    3M Box Sealing Tapes stick at first application, keeping parcels closed down the entire packaging line, allowing more boxes per minute.

  • Security

    Scotch box sealing tape offers a strong adhesive bond to the box that help prevent tampering and tape failure during shipping and delivery.

  • Consistency

    Many boxes are becoming very difficult to adhere to, especially in cold environments. For reliable application of a reliable tape, trust the combination of 3M-Matic™ Adjustable Flap Folding Case Sealer 8000af and Scotch® High Tack Box Sealing Tape 311+.

  • Automated

    Adjust to seasonal demands and labor shortages - we can help reengineer your packaging line with 3M case sealers and packaging tape.

Reliable, everyday packaging solutions for food and beverage markets

Keep your production and shipping lines moving with a case sealer that’s easily adjustable for your carton size and provides reliable sealing from your production line to the customer.

  • Image of a 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer 8000af with numbers to match features listed in copy
    1. Full, extended guarding
    2. Automatic, flap folding machine, no operator required
    3. Indexer with adjustable pressure and height to separate boxes from flooded infeed conveyor
    4. Two-height drive belt positions
    5. E-stops on side of machine
    6. Energy saving feature automatically shuts off sealer if no box present
    • Check out other 3M-Matic case sealers for Food and Beverage:

    • Adjustable
      Quick manual adjustments make it easy to set up for a run of cartons that are all the same size.

    • Random
      Automatically adjusts for different size cartons from multiple production lines.


  • Scotch® High Tack Box Sealing Tape 311+ designed for the world of Food and Beverage.

    Food packaging takes place in all kinds of environments, including cold and damp. Scotch® High Tack Box Sealing Tape 311+ is engineered for excellent performance in damp and cold shipping and storage environments, even below freezing. This reliable packaging tape can be applied at common freezer and refrigeration temperatures from 20°F to 50°F (-6.6°C to 10°C). It also provides a secure seal to keep packages closed, even on highly recycled corrugated boxes.​

    3M packaging solutions deliver top-of-the-line performance and allow faster speeds with automation, consistency and security: the “total package” in packaging systems.​

Custom Packaging Solutions for Retail Packaging

  • Easy to apply to make packages easier to handle.

  • 3M™ Tape Sheets are pre-cut sheets for convenient carrying and “dispenser-less” taping.

  • Clear and durable tabs with a pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy in-store repair of damaged packaging.

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