3M™ Surface Pre-Treatment AC-130-2

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Helps reduces labor time and water usage; no scrubbing or rinsing required

Eliminates chromates from surface treatment process

Compatible with existing application techniques; brush, spray or dip application available

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  • Helps reduces labor time and water usage; no scrubbing or rinsing required
  • Eliminates chromates from surface treatment process
  • Compatible with existing application techniques; brush, spray or dip application available
  • Enables all metallic substances to be prepared with a single method

We developed 3M™ Surface Pre-Treatment AC-130-2 as a high-performance, water-based solution gelation (sol-gel) system to improve adhesive bonding of metal and composite surfaces. Our high-performance, non-chromated pre-treatment is ideal for aluminum alloys, steel, titanium and composites.

A More Sustainable Solution for Modern Coating Systems
Today's coating systems have high performance requirements for surface preparation. While traditional processes may produce acceptable results, they can also produce unacceptable amounts of hazardous waste. Common processes such as phosphoric acid anodizing (PAA) or sulfuric acid-sodium dichromate etchings involve hazardous materials and can be difficult to perform in the field. Now, we can offer a high-performance surface pre-treatment that delivers equivalent performance to PAA — in less time. Our water-based sol-gel system will enhance adhesion between aluminum alloys, steel, titanium and composites and help reduce overall operating costs.

Effectiveness, Cost Reduction, and Sustainability
In order to bring surface preparation processes into the 21st century, we created an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional, high cost, hazardous waste generating materials. When you add it all up, 3M Surface Pre-Treatment AC-130-2 offers significant water use reduction and a total cost savings when compared to conventional processes. Both water-based and non-chromate, 3M AC-130-2 is your environmentally responsible alternative to traditional surface preparation for adhesive bonding.

  • Reduces hazardous materials from the bonding surface preparation process — Good alternative to
  • Acid Paste. — Etches, Grit Blast Silane and Phosphoric Acid anodizing. (PACS)
  • Provides a variety of applications methods to suit your needs: brush, spray, dip or wipe
  • Available in kit sizes for specific applications; 50ml, 100ml, 500ml and 1 liter
  • Ambient-temperature curing makes field repairs possible
  • Process time savings over Grit Blast Silane, PACS and PANTA
  • Reduction in process flow time yields a minimum of a 35% reduction in labor—time

Learn More about 3M™ Surface Pre-Treatment AC-130-2 (PDF, 582.82 KB)

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