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Optically clear adhesives engineered for tomorrow’s displays

Devices of all shapes and sizes connect us to what is most important in life. In many ways, they are extensions of who we are. But like people, devices evolve. At 3M, we’re engineering optically clear adhesives with the goal of expanding your design space so you can lead the evolution. From flexible solutions to helping improve efficiency, we have our eye on the future of electronic displays and how optically clear adhesives can unleash their potential. We are constantly pushing the limits of what our technology can do so you can keep connecting your customers to what is most important.


OCA design challenges

  • Display efficiency lab engineer still shot
    Display efficiency

    Enhancing display brightness while maintaining battery life is a constant battle. In some cases, the issue can be addressed with a simple solution, but for more complex displays, it requires extensive knowledge of the entire system and how each layer interacts with one another.

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    Enabling new form factors

    Whether the display is rigid, rolled, curved or folded, we’re driven by the idea that products shouldn’t be limited by material capabilities. We rely heavily on internal test development and modeling to optimize our products for your next-generation designs. We anticipate and innovate, so you can design without limits.

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    Device durability

    We want our products to allow you to build stronger devices so your customers can have an exceptional experience. To better withstand the rigors of everyday use, our optically clear adhesives are designed to help address durability in thinner devices and help extend the life of the display.

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    Process improvement

    We understand that we’re developing materials for not one, but millions of devices. That means that consistency and yield are the name of the game. Our products are meticulously engineered for efficiency and ease-of-use for manufacturers. We test materials up front in our labs so you can produce with confidence.

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Innovation worth sharing: foldable OCAs

  • Joel headshot for foldable display video

    Joel Abrahamson, Ph.D., outlines OCAs for rigid, flexible and foldable OLED displays

  • Optically clear adhesives for foldable OLED displays: requirements, failure modes and solutions

    OCAs are extremely versatile, providing excellent performance in both liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and OLED displays for a wide range of applications. Not surprisingly, given this versatility and performance, suppliers like 3M have created multiple OCAs for the display market. In fact, 3M alone offers more than 120 OCA options that have been tailored for specific applications in consumer, vehicle and industrial applications — including several for foldable OLED displays.

3M™ technical expertise and leadership

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    For more than 100 years, we’ve been at the forefront of adhesive solutions for a wide range of applications. From attaching wings to airplanes, to Post-it® Notes, to personal electronics, our adhesives have influenced the way people experience the world.

    We leveraged our adhesive expertise to help make the first mobile phones and notebook computers commercially viable. Our technology ensured true-to-life colors, brighter devices and crisp contrast, making LCD and OLED panels more vibrant. We formulated adhesives that helped prevent touch panel deterioration and allowed the first curved screens to be bonded.

    Today, we hold more than 60 patents related to optically clear adhesives and continue to innovate solutions through our state-of-the-art modeling capabilities. We are here to address your design barriers – now and in the future – with system-ready products when and where you need them.


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