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3M™ Silver Abrasives for Metalworking and Fabrication

Introducing our newest line of 3M abrasive wheels

  • 3M™ Silver is part of a new class of advanced abrasives featuring 3M Precision-Shaped Grain. These products last significantly longer than conventional abrasives like aluminum oxide and alumina zirconia, delivering the abrasive life you need and the value you want. All in one wheel.

A pair of 3M Silver Abrasive Wheels
3M™ Silver Abrasives

Meet the newest addition to the 3M abrasive wheels portfolio.

About 3M™ Silver Abrasive Wheels

An unbeatable combination of performance and value.

3M™ Silver Cut-Off Wheel and Depressed Center Grinding Wheel give you the long life and fast cut of 3M Precision-Shaped Grain at an unbeatable value. They’re not just new – they’re revolutionary.

  • 3M™ Silver Depressed Center Grinding Wheels represent a new class of right angle abrasives – powered by the legendary speed and long life of 3M Precision-Shaped Grain. They are an ideal choice for applications like weld removal, beveling, edge chamfering and more – offering a faster cut and longer life than aluminum oxide and alumina zirconia wheels.

  • 3M™ Silver Cut-off Wheels are a new kind of advanced performance wheel designed to be affordable for everyday use. Featuring 3M Precision-Shaped Grain technology, these innovative wheels cut cool, to deliver fast, smooth cutting action on all types of ferrous metals, stainless steels and alloy steels. And customers report that they last longer than competitive aluminum oxide and alumina zirconia wheels. That means fewer wheel changes and more finished parts per wheel, to help improve shop productivity and control your costs.

See 3M™ Silver Abrasive Wheels in Action

Manufacturers across the industrial landscape require premium abrasives to stay competitive. With innovative products like 3M™ Silver Abrasive Wheels, we keep them on the cutting edge.

  • Two ships traveling toward a harbor

    3M™ Silver Abrasives Help Keep Shipyards Afloat

    Shipbuilders in Duluth, Minnesota, know that hard work and the right tools make all the difference. While hard work is passed down from generation to generation, 3M™ Silver Abrasives are just starting to make their mark.

  • Abrasive wheel grinding metal

    Product Demo: 3M™ Silver Depressed Center Grinding Wheel

    Watch as the 3M™ Silver Depressed Center Grinding Wheel powers through some of the toughest grinding challenges in the shop – including weld grinding and beveling through slag. The grinding wheel stands up to the high pressure of grinding, and 3M Precision-Shaped Grain keeps cutting to help reduce abrasive changeouts.

Featured Applications for 3M™ Silver Abrasive Wheels

It’s time to upgrade your shop to 3M™ Silver Abrasives. For beveling, weld grinding, cutting and more, these abrasive wheels are a cut above the competition – and they’re priced for affordability.

  • To get a properly beveled workpiece you need a hardworking, reliable grinding wheel. Powered by 3M Precision-Shaped Grain, the 3M™ Silver Depressed Center Grinding Wheel outperforms conventional abrasives to give you the edge you need. With this abrasive wheel you’ll quickly have that perfectly beveled corner ready for a welded seam.

  • 3M™ Silver Cut-Off Wheels make short work of all your metal cutting tasks, from pipes and tubes to flat sheets and beyond. With that speed comes the long life you’ve come to expect from advanced 3M abrasives – without the high price. These cut-off wheels handle all types of ferrous metals, including stainless steel, at a great value!

  • Welders demand speed and durability in a grinding wheel, and the 3M™ Silver Depressed Center Grinding Wheel delivers that combination. Couple that advanced performance with a great value price, and here are the results: achieve everyday high-performance weld grinding on carbon steel and stainless steel without sacrificing your bottom line.

Hear What People Are Saying About 3M™ Silver Abrasives

3M™ Silver Cut-Off Wheels and Depressed Center Grinding Wheels offer an unbeatable combination of performance and value – but you don’t have to take our word for it. These manufacturers and fabricators are already reaping the benefits.

  • Success Story | Fabricated Metals

    For weld grinding on carbon steel one customer reports that the 3M™ Silver Depressed Center Grinding Wheel delivered 28% faster cutting and 95% less wear than their current aluminum oxide wheel.

  • Success Story | Metal Fabrication

    When cutting steel and stainless steel tubing assemblies, this customer reports 50% less wear with 3M™ Silver Cut-off Wheels versus their standard aluminum oxide wheels.

  • Success Story | Metal Fabrication

    For cutting structural metal sheet and plate, the 3M™ Silver Cut-off Wheel demonstrated 40% less wear than this customer’s usual aluminum zirconia wheel.

  • Success Story | Steel Manufacturing

    When removing laser slag from Hardox 960 stainless steel, the 3M™ Silver Depressed Center Grinding Wheel lasted twice as long and required less operator pressure than a conventional ceramic grain wheel.

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