Overview: The “Unlocatable Pipeline” Challenge

  • As a gas industry pipeline-safety professional, you understand that the only real protection a gas pipeline has... is clear, precise identification.

    With current electronic location measures, you can wind up with a significant percentage of what we call “unlocatable pipeline”: assets that you’ve already invested in but are now hard to find.

    Watch the video to learn how 3M helps you “lightup” unlocatable pipeline.

  • unlocatable pipeline still image

Building the Business Case for Moving to RFID

  • Locating and Marking RFID Business Case
  • Is it possible to transform your current pipeline-locating processes and actually reduce costs in the short run?

    The answer is: Yes. It turns out that continuing to invest in an out-of-date approach to pipeline location can be very expensive. So, with the help of 3M experts, you can demonstrate early savings to help you make the case for moving to a long-life solution.

    Watch 3M Thought Leader Corey Willson go deep into the business case for moving to RFID.

The Big Picture: Application Guide for Gas Utilities

Our interactive application guide shows you where 3M Locating & Marking products are applied in commercial and residential spaces and why they’re better than conventional approaches.

View Guide

L&M Gas Application Guide

Industry Leadership: A Built-In Approach to Finding Plastic Pipe

  • intrinsically locatable plastic pipe still image
  • In the U.S, there are over 100,000 miles of plastic pipeline that can't be located (source: phmsa.dot.gov). Working in partnership with GTI, 3M has developed Intrinsically Locatable Plastic Pipe (or ILPP): with identification actually built into the pipeline, so you don’t have to rely on a secondary system like tracer wire.

    Watch the video to learn how 3M science is making plastic pipe far easier and less costly to locate.

Application Resources: 3M Path Marking Solutions Videos

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Applications
    Horizontal Directional Drilling Applications

    Is your team getting ready to use 3M™ Path Marking solutions in a trenchless (HDD) environment? This video provides important tips.

  • Open Trench Applications
    Open Trench Applications

    Open trenches give you greater flexibility when applying 3M™ Path Marking rope and/or tape. This video delivers real-world best practices for using our solutions… in the trenches.

Locating & Marking Asset Management (There’s An App for That)

Locating and Marking Asset Management App

We’ve been working on an exciting project—a portable asset management application that enables you to:

  • Scan Assets
  • Access Data Sheets
  • Export GPS-enabled pins

All of which means your smart phone is about to get even smarter.

  • The 3M Offer: Let’s Build a Business Case Together

    If you’d like to learn more about 3M Locating & Marking products, just use the contact form below. As you can see from the business-case video above, featuring 3M Thought Leader Corey Willson, our team is familiar with the specific challenges (and associated costs) of locating gas pipelines. We would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and your colleagues to develop a complimentary, customized business case for moving to 3M and RFID. (If this of interest to you, please indicate that on the form below.)

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