Electronic ID Marker for Vegetation Management

vegetation management for transmission lines.

Ameren adopts RFID technology to leverage right-of-way data for transmission lines.

St. Louis based, Ameren Simplifies Vegetation Management with RFID-based Electronic ID Marker System by 3M.

  • Primary Concerns
    • Ability to manage vegetation without restriction
    • Ensure safety and reliability
    • To be sensitive to landowner concerns in the process


  • The Solution
    • RFID-based Electronic ID Marker System
    • Ameren has been able to replace stake markers with buried iD markers for permanent under-ground reference points (with survey grade precision)
    • 100 characters of data specific to its power line ROW interested could be programmed.
    • Allows for replacement for stake markers
    • Can perform vegetation management right to the edge..even where the ROW is irregular.

The disadvantage of stake markers: easily lost to erosion, mower damage, or intentional removal resulting in expensive re-surveying.

The advantage of RFID-based Electronic ID Markers: unseen. Invulnerable to mowing damage or intentional removal, and the store data is authoritative.  Simplifies the resolution of disputes with property owners. Markers are reprogrammable. 

3M™ iD Marker incorporates RFID technology to allow the end user to “write” information

  • Easement width
  • Voltage level
  • Utility description (restriction information, placement date, etc.) to the marker before being dropped into a trench or post hole

green mesh background

3M markers are designed to have a long life and are easy to use for ROW marking applications

L&M Applications in Power

  • Vegetation Management

    • V line segments
    • Reclamation areas
    • NERC Alert Rebuilds

    Data that you can program in each 3M marker

    • Herbicide use info
    • Aerial trimming info
    • Permitted encroachment paths
    • Contact-before-entry restrictions
    • Changes in property ownership
    • Edge of easements
    • Right-of-way borders

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Be able to respond to service outages caused by trees encroaching the powerlines more efficiently!

3M helps utilities work collaboratively with owners to establish best management practices for dealing with vegetation so landowners, wildlife and Ameren can coexist in a sustainable manner on the ROW

  • Image of Denise Elliott - Damage Prevention expert

    Denise M. Elliott

    Denise is our damage prevention expert and she has over 20 years of experience working at 3M. As a former rugby player she understands the power of teamwork, which she uses at 3M to help her customers get to their goal line. Denise has been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences and she works with various state and regional damage prevention organizations and teams, including multiple 811 One Call Centers. She is also a member of the Common Ground Alliance and is active on the Education Committee.

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