Hard Hat and Faceshield Equipment

We design and manufacture hard hats, faceshields, combination systems and accessories to meet a diverse spectrum of needs. From safety helmets for working at height, to full brim hard hats and solutions for working in elevated temperatures, we offer consistently reliable, user-friendly products.

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Advanced protection from a leader in safety.

3M offers complete product solutions for head and face protection.

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What do I need?

Learn how to choose head and face protection products.

Understanding Types of Face Protection

The two most common types of face protection are faceshields and welding helmets. Faceshields are more commonly used across a wider variety of applications where chemical splash hazards and flying debris fragments are present.

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    Faceshields should be considered as only part of a larger system to protect the whole head, as they do not always protect the top of the head from impact hazards. That’s why it’s important to look for faceshields that either integrate the functionalities of or work with other types of PPE—such as hard hats—to help address head impact hazards. Always consider the potential hazards of any worksite before selecting the type of face protection you will use.

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    Introduction to Head Protection eBook

    Wearing the right head protection—bump caps, hard hats, or safety helmets—can help reduce the potential for injury. This short eBook explains your choices for head protection by industry and job, features and benefits, longevity and care requirements, as well as compliance information.

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    3M™ Hard Hat and Safety Helmet Customizer

    3M provides a great opportunity for you to advertise your company’s logo or tagline on custom hard hats with the 3M™ Hard Hat and Safety Helmet Customizer. 3M uses a pad-printing process that can print logos in up to four different colors, making them more resistant to peeling, cracking or fading.

Featured Products

  • Engineered from the ground up to deliver comfort without compromise, no matter the height, the Safety Helmet X5000 Series can reduce forehead pressure by 20% on average compared to a conventional 3M helmet suspension.

  • Lightweight comfort. Tough performance. This award-winning hard hat offers protection and features a sensor that changes color as the hard hat is exposed to UV light so you know when to replace it.

  • Featuring an adjustable ratchet suspension, this safety system includes both the headgear and molded faceshield to provide impact protection in working environments with sparks, chips and debris.

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Head & Face Protection Conversion Programs

Receive special offers when you convert your crew to 3M Head & Face Protection.

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Comfort without compromise.

Introducing new 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Helmet X5000 Series for comfort and protection of those who work at height


Finding and using the right Head & Face Protection Products