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virtual commercial kitchen showing 3M product solutions for commercial cleaning and service
Reducing costs so you can focus on what you do best—elevating food service.

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3M Food Service

It’s not just the quality food. Or the talented chef. Or the welcoming atmosphere. It’s the careful coordination of the sum of these parts. Everyday, you strive to take the restaurant experience further for your guests all through rising food and labor costs,and razor-thin profit margins. At 3M, we’re committed to delivering innovative solutions to help you solve your toughest food service challenges—efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely. From eye-catching outdoor signage and interior design solutions, to cutting-edge water filtration and griddle cleaning solutions, to durable sponges and eco-friendly floor cleaners, and so much more, we’re here to help you take the guest experience—and your restaurant’s reputation—above and beyond.

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Industry Trends and Best Practice Tips

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3M Solutions for Food Service

  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    Focus on what you do best with a full line of kitchen cleaning solutions that can cut through your toughest chores—quickly, safely, and efficiently.

  • Restaurant Customer Experience

    Create a 5-star worthy experience from kitchen design ideas and food service trends, to restaurant cleanliness and bathroom sanitization.

  • Restaurant Food Safety

    Your peace of mind is our peace of mind. Help protect your customers—and reduce waste—with a family of test strips and food labels for a fast, accurate and easy-to-use food freshness monitoring system.

  • Water Quality & Consistency

    Your service starts with only the purest of ingredients. Advanced water filtration and purification technologies can help maintain water clarity, consistency and flavor—day in and day out

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Discover how kitchen managers have found success with 3M products.

Case Studies

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griddle being cleaned in las vegas
A Vegas Deli Bets on a Better Clean

Keeping a busy Las Vegas Strip restaurant spotless –from hood filters, to pots and pans.

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3M Products for Food Service

Commercial Cleaning and Food Safety

  • Hand Pads, Sponges & Cloths

    Bring the science of shine to your kitchen. Our trusted Scotch-Brite™ family of products help you stand up to the most rigorous restaurant cleanliness standards

  • Griddle & Appliance Cleaning

    A gleaming flat top, not a greasy one sets the right tone. We meet you standards in half the time with food-safe and heat-resistant Scotch-Brite™ professional griddle and scouring pads solutions and more.

  • Food Quality & Safety

    Help ensure the food you’re serving has the flavor you intend with fast, accurate and easy-to-use 3M™ Oil Quality Test Strips and Food Service Printed Labels

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Water Filtration

  • Replacement Water Filters

    Keep your water flowing and systems running at top performance with 3M genuine replacement parts.

  • Filtration Accessories & Replacement Parts

    A smooth-running restaurant takes a certain flow. Meet all of your food service water filtration needs with a wide range of gaskets, mounting brackets, installation and removal tools and more.

  • Water Filtration Systems

    It’s the details—the clink of the ice cubes, a great cup of coffee, a refreshing cold beverage. Maintain your restaurant’s high water quality with water filtration systems.

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