Building with window films that help block infrared light from entering.
Enabling the prudent use of energy resources.

Applying energy saving technologies everywhere.

3M works with customers around the world to help everyone get more out of the energy resources we have. Products such as 3M™ Window Films, for example, control sunlight to help reduce cooling and heating costs. Other 3M films help reduce the need for lighting by directing sunlight farther into a building. Equipment manufacturers use our insulating materials to build smaller, lighter, more efficient motors that run cooler and require less energy.

There are hundreds of ways we apply 3M Science to generating, delivering, and using energy that can result in significant savings—and improve every life.

  • Close up image of a OEM electrical insulation product.
    OEM electrical products.

    Motors, generators, transformers, electrified transportation. They all consume electricity. 3M solutions enable you to engineer and build smaller products that use less material and run more efficiently.

    Electrical equipment manufacturing products

  • A city landscape with a body of water in the forefront, taken at night with lights illuminating the buildings and reflections of the city on the water.
    A more efficient grid.

    Efficiency starts with automation. Part of a smarter grid, 3M™ Sensored Cable Accessories provide highly accurate voltage and current data in real time, giving electric utilities more visibility and control. This technology helps utilities balance and integrate renewable resources more easily and efficiently – while reducing outages and their impact on communities.

    Grid monitoring

Applying efficient technologies everywhere.

  • Large floor to ceiling windows in a commercial interior.
    Commercial energy efficiency.

    Whether you own or manage buildings, design them, or supply energy to them, energy conservation should be a prominent part of your planning and daily operations.

    Commercial window films

  • A residential living room with a large floor to ceiling window pane allowing sunlight in.
    Consumer energy efficiency.

    3M home energy solutions provide efficiencies everyone can appreciate: staying cool in the summer, snug and warm in the winter. For the exterior of your home, 3M Cool Roofing Granules are used in solar reflective shingles designed to meet industry leading energy conservation standards.

    Residential window films

    Window insulator kits

    Cool roofing granules

A culture steeped in energy conservation.

  • Saving energy is a major element of everything we do at 3M. We understand and support both sides of the energy conservation equation: Helping energy users reduce consumption, while working with energy companies to help increase system reliability and efficiency. It’s 3M Science applied to creating products that benefit both supply and demand.

    Some examples:

  • 3M™ Window Films Prestige Series animation video.

    The cool way to enjoy the view.

    3M™ Window Films help block UV and infrared light from entering homes and commercial spaces by using nanotechnology to fit hundreds of light-control layers into the thickness of a Post-it® Note. These non-metallic films can be even less reflective than ordinary glass. That means you can enjoy the view outside while, over time, helping reduce cooling costs inside. 

    Learn more about the 3M™ Window Films Prestige Series

  • Letting the sunshine in.

    Natural sunlight has been found to lift moods, increase productivity, and even improve patient recovery times. With 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Films, sunlight can reach into a building up to 40 feet from the window—helping reduce the need for artificial light, and giving everyone a sunnier disposition.

    Learn more about the 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Films