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About Electrical Equipment Manufacturing

Wrapped wires and components are shown as part of a design and prototyping effort;  3M products are used for complicated equipment manufacturing challenges.
3M helps you solve tough design challenges.
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Applications for Electrical Equipment Manufacturing

3M has focused our technical expertise on providing solutions for electrical design and manufacturing engineers’ critical requirements. Find the right product for your project and take advantage of a variety of resources.

  • Find out how 3M technology can help meet the growing demand for smaller, more efficient transformers.

  • Motors consume a massive amount of energy; learn how 3M technology makes them more efficient and effective.

  • 3M offers a range of solutions for protecting wire harnesses used to make complex electrical and electronic equipment.

  • up close shot of battery
    xEV Battery

    A full range of solutions to improve EV battery range, safety and manufacturing efficiency.

Products for Electrical Equipment Manufacturing

Solve a variety of difficult technical challenges with 3M technology and innovation. Choose a product category below to find the right products for your job and get technical documents.

3M Works with You Around the World.
3M Works with You Around the World.

Get global technical support for every step of your design or manufacturing project. 3M technical experts work with customers worldwide from initial specification through conversion, product and application testing, and manufacturing.

We can help with your global design and manufacturing needs.

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Global Design and Manufacturing Example

  • A lightbulb represents the initial idea and specification
    Initial Specification

    3M and a client worked together to test, qualify and specify an insulating tape optimized for their US-manufactured liquid-filled transformers.

  • An icon with a person on the phone represents communication

    Local 3M team members communicated the test results and the new specification to global client manufacturing locations.

  • Icons of people show local application support around the globe

    3M supplied samples and provided local application support at each global location.

  • A globe demonstrates global collaboration with 3M

    Thanks to global collaboration with 3M, the client’s manufacturing sites in Australia, Brazil, Spain and Turkey are also utilizing a superior insulating tape solution qualified by their U.S. team.

Electrical OEM Training Videos

Welcome to our library of 3M Electrical product training materials.

  • Lab technician speaking about the advantages of using 3M

    Why work with 3M?

    Learn about the advantages of having 3M as your design and manufacturing partner from 3M technology experts.

    • 3M technical experts will take your critical challenges into the lab to find innovative solutions for you worldwide.
    • Our state-of-the-art materials have been refined, tested and proven in a wide variety of applications.
    • You can be confident the 3M product delivered to you is made through a process that meets some of the industry's highest standards.

A white paper discusses effective flame barrier technology for efficient integrated LED luminaire designs.
Effective Flame Barrier Technology for Efficient Integrated LED Luminaire Designs

"LED technology is transforming the lighting industry with its high efficiency, long life and lower costs. Integrated direct connected LED luminaire designs are the best way to maximize luminous efficacy in a cost-effective manner."

Industry and Regulatory Standards

  • Flexible Insulation & Tape — Select "3M Innovative Paper Technologies (E65007)" once on the page

  • Powder Resins & Tape — Select "3M Company (E163090)" once on the page

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