Electrical OEM Materials for Motors & Generators

  • The market for electric motors and generators, the workhorses of industry, is heating up. As regulatory requirements to create more energy-efficient motors increase, 3M recognizes that the industry itself is changing for motor designers, manufacturers, and rebuilders.

    With global competition and efficiency standards rising, the pressure is on for higher-efficiency motors that are smaller, faster, and lighter. In response, the demand is up for insulation systems with higher thermal conductivity, more corona resistance, and a higher thermal rating.

    That’s why 3M offers high performance insulation materials for both existing and new motor designs. And many 3M solutions are designed for easier insertion and application, helping provide a more efficient manufacturing process.

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Hold-down tape


Winding with insulation

Armature lamination stack

Armature coil

Slot wedge

Slot liner

Slot separator

Coil nose tape

Phase separator

Connection tape

Excellent Voltage Endurance

  • If partial discharge or corona damage is a concern, 3M insulation with high inorganic content can help provide greater reliability. Unlike many insulating materials, however, those from 3M enable the continued performance of high temperature (higher density), high speed, and high efficiency motors.

3M Solutions

  • Look to 3M for a broad range of insulation types – including flexible insulation, insulating and conductive tapes, and electrical insulating resins – since you are more likely to find a solution that works well in your application. In addition, 3M can service multinational manufacturers through their global distribution, technical support, and supply chain assistance.

  • 3M Scotchcast Powder Resins make excellent electrical insulation coatings in the construction of electric motors, and generators to cover rotor slots, stator slots, stator hair pin turns, end windings, and dynamo starter coils.

  • Our line of 3M Flexible Insulation Materials – particularly 3M TufQUIN laminates, DMD High Performance Flexible Laminates -- are used for a range of applications in electric motors and generators. Typical flexible insulation products for motors are hybrid PET film laminates that exhibit toughness for easy and reliable slot insertion along with excellent varnish absorption for quieter running and corona resistance.

  • 3M Electrical Insulating Tapes are made from a broad range of backings and adhesives to meet the demanding requirements of different motor or generator applications.

Product Solutions for Motor Applications