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Temflex™ Vinyl Electrical Tape for General Use

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    Dependable quality for your everyday needs

    Our family of Temflex™ General Use Vinyl Electrical Tapes are designed to meet basic needs for everyday electrical and non-electrical applications.

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    Protect your critical electrical systems with our line of vinyl electrical tapes

    Our backings and adhesives are designed to hold up in everyday conditions when conducting simple low-voltage insulation, wire marking and cable bundling and pulling.

Why choose 3M General Use Vinyl Electrical Tapes?

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    An environmentally sustainable tape
    • The first solvent-free vinyl electrical tape
    • Better for the environment
    • A fresh feel and smell than traditional tapes
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    Durable vinyl film backing
    • The stronger film allows you to wrap your cables and connections with confidence
    • Features color-changing technology, turning slightly gray to indicate optimal wrapping tension
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    Strong adhesive
    • Specifically designed with a stronger adhesive than its predecessors
    • Our aggressive adhesive will stick in a variety of applications

  • image of 3M Temflex 165 Tapes
    The Electrical Tape for daily insulation, harnessing, and marking.
    • Ideal for color coding, phase identification, wire marking and safety
    • Good stretch and flexibility and better general use bundling, insulating and sealing
    • Suitable for moderate indoor & weather protected outdoor uses
  • Image of 3M Temflex 175 Tape
    The Electrical Tape for tough indoor or simple outdoor bundling & insulation.
    • Thicker for your more demanding general use applications
    • Provides a protective jacket for high-voltage cable splices and repairs
    • Wider temperature range to accommodate colder environments

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