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About 3M Data Center Solutions

Your customers do business at the speed of information, and the race is on to build faster, smarter and more energy-efficient data centers. Staying ahead means thinking about data center design in a whole new way.

Thanks to innovative solutions from 3M, taking your data center operations and servers to a better place is no longer tomorrow’s dream. It’s happening right now. The data center revolution starts here.

  • Meeting the demands of today’s data hungry world while keeping your data center connected and performing efficiently and reliably is no small feat. 3M has connectivity solutions in advanced fiber optic and copper twin axial technology that are designed to bring flexibility, performance and cost efficiency to the data centers of today and tomorrow.

  • 3M™ Expanded Beam Optical Interconnect solutions use fiber optic connector technology to deliver exceptional data transmission performance while reducing the need for maintenance, cleaning and human interaction.

  • 3M™ Twin Axial Cable Assemblies are thin, low-profile, flexible copper cables designed to help your servers, switches and storage levels meet your customers' performance demands.

  • Case Study: Dell uses 3M™ Twin Axial Cable Solution to Increase efficiency of HPC Servers

    Dell’s PowerEdge™ Server Portfolio uses 3M’s Twin Axial Cable Assembly to optimize airflow for better cooling to maintain the high speeds and processing power HPC environments demand.

    Download the case study (PDF, 2.32 MB)

  • Developed to enable peak server system performance, Aearo Technologies LLC acoustic foams and fan mount and grommet elastomers offer advanced server protection. These custom engineered solutions reduce vibration and manage noise that interferes with hard drive performance, ensuring optimal operation in the most challenging environments.

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