• How to Navigate 3M’s Careers Site and Job Postings

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      If you’re interested in a career at 3M, the best resource for up-to-date information is where you are right now: 3M’s Careers page. 

      The Careers site is broken down into five tabs: Overview, Working at 3M, Opportunities for Students, Candidate Resources & Events (which you’ve obviously already found), and Apply to Jobs.

      The “Overview” page is a great place to start if you want some basic information on 3M’s vision. It also links to the most recent career news at 3M, featuring stories about current 3Mers and information relevant to candidates.

      The “Working at 3M” tab is where you can dive deeper into information about 3M overall. This tab offers pages on life with 3M, community involvement and pay and benefits. It also provides information on 3M’s business groups, diversity and inclusion at 3M, and being in the military or a veteran at 3M. 

      If you are a student, “Opportunities for Students” will be most relevant to you. Here, you can explore internships at 3M, and our Optimized Operations, Frontline Sales and Strategy and Marketing Development programs for students. 

      Under “Candidate Resources and Events,” you’ll be able to join 3M’s Talent Community. By filling out and submitting the Talent Community form, you are letting 3M recruiters know that you are interested in learning about opportunities that open up in the area of interest you specify. You are also opting in to our monthly talent community emails, which include 3M business and career news, candidate tips, introductions to 3Mers and open jobs in your areas of interest. Under this tab, you’ll also be able to search for recruiting events near you. And this tab is also where you found the Insights for Candidates page, where this article lives. 

      Under “Apply to Jobs,” you’ll find all open positions at 3M’s locations all over the world. When searching for jobs, make sure you use the filters on the left-hand side to hone in on exactly what you are looking for. Or, search by keywords if you are looking for something more general (i.e. “marketing” or “sales”). You can also search jobs by clicking on “Apply to Jobs” in the banner of the “Overview” page or scrolling to the bottom of the “Overview” page and clicking “Search Jobs.”

      Happy perusing!