• The Top 3 Things 3M Looks for in Candidate Resumes

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      We have all had that moment when we pull up the latest version of our resume and realize we haven’t updated it since we first started at our current company all those years ago. It is not exactly top of mind for the gainfully employed, but if you are reading this, you are probably finding yourself at a time in your career that you need to update your resume. Being able to write a show stopper of a resume is a major game changer. It will allow your resume to come up first in employer resume searches and increase your chances at standing out in the world of online submissions.

      There are a few key things that our managers look for when reviewing applications that you should consider adding when applying for a job at 3M:

      1. A strong format: It’s important to have an eye-catching resume, but make sure it’s not an eyesore.
        1. Keep your resume clean, modern and consistent, with a sleek aesthetic.
        2. Make sure the important information is first. The top one-third is critical to catch the attention of your reader.
        3. Pick a font that looks good on a screen and a printed resume.
        4. Always do a test print and email before you submit it or send it to a hiring manager.
        5. The more crowded your resume is the less likely you are to hold the managers attention, so keep your resume to a maximum of one page for entry level positions or two pages if you have 10+ years of experience. The exception to this rule is if you are applying to a PhD level position with requirements on research you need to include.
      2. Keywords: 3M managers have a lot of resumes to review, so is critical that you have thoroughly read the job description that you are applying for and reflect the key words used in the job posting in your resume. It may be helpful to create a list or word cloud of skills, experience and knowledge the position is looking for and be sure and highlight the strongest matches on your resume and use the same words. Remember each company has their own “language” that can describe similar experience. Be sure you are speaking the same language as the job you are applying for.
      3. Your career progression: Make sure your resume tells the story of why you are applying and how you have shown development and career progression. The responsibilities that you have had in each position are key, so show how they have increased as you have become more successful in your career. Job titles vary from company to company depending on the size and titles available in the organization, so having those responsibilities listed can help us figure out what your title equates to at 3M. And 3M managers may want to learn about you after reading your resume, so be sure to include your LinkedIn profile and any other links you may have to your professional online presence.

      It may seem overwhelming to start or update your resume, but it is the most important thing you can do to be noticed in a positive way when you apply for a job at 3M.