• What It’s Like to Be a Finance Intern at 3M

    • Ting Chen, Finance Intern​

      At 3M, we're all learning, discovering, exploring and innovating together. Our internship programs allow students to join other 3Mers on their career journey. Here’s a deeper look at the projects Finance interns get to work on from someone who has experienced it firsthand.

      Name: Ting Chen

      Title: Finance Intern

      Education: Currently pursuing an MBA from Rice University

      Location: Maplewood, MN

      Past work experiences: Assistant Audit Manager at KPMG China and Manager-in-Charge, Liquidity Management Team, Xiamen International Bank

    • Why were you interested in interning for 3M?

      I was interested in 3M for four reasons: it’s a world-famous, multi-national company with various career possibilities; it has an LGBTQ-inclusive culture; it offers a great opportunity to enjoy the summer in the Twin Cities; and the company offers great work/life balance.

    • Describe the project you are working on in your internship.

      The goal of my project is to develop a forward-facing forecasting model based on historical data, both external and internal, to help the Investor Relations team adjust outward-facing estimates to better manage investor expectations and gain credibility with investors.

      I really like this project because I was able to develop a high-level understanding of 3M’s business model and product portfolio, as well as leverage the knowledge and skillset I have acquired through my previous work experience and business school.

    • What have you learned from these projects that you didn’t know before?

      How to use advanced statistical tools such as R and Minitab to perform quantitative analysis.

    • What do you think sets 3M apart from other internships or work experience you have had?

      One thing that stands out about 3M is the culture. Throughout my entire experience I have truly felt welcome here. Another aspect of 3M that distinguishes the company from my previous positions is the awesome Employee Resource Networks that the company fully supports. I immediately felt a sense of pride and community here. 

      One more factor that distinguishes 3M from other corporations is the opportunities for growth and development. I am confident that I will have the opportunity to grow and develop within 3M Finance and if the opportunity presents itself, the company will fully support me moving laterally into another position.

    • What has been the most memorable part of your internship?

      Having informational interviews with vice presidents who have been with 3M for decades. It’s been awesome to hear their insights on their own career paths and learn more about the company’s growth strategy.

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