• 3M Recruiters Share Most Overused Answers in Interviews

    • Man being interviewed

      Most interviews will have some moments where you aren’t entirely sure how to respond, so it’s easy to share something you think the interviewer wants to hear. Here are a few overused answers our recruiters hear from candidates and a few tips from them on how to turn them into memorable responses.

      • “I’m very hardworking.”  The phrase “hardworking” is used so much that it has become white noise to most interviewers. Take the time to talk about the work you’re passionate about and projects you’re most proud of that you put your time and energy into.
      • “I’m a team player.”  Rather than relying on this cliché, talk about your communication style and how you collaborate with others.
      • “I am loyal to a fault.” It may be hard to imagine, but too much loyalty could end up being a negative quality if it leads to being closed-minded or refusing to adjust to change. In modern business, you must be able to adjust quickly, or you run the risk of failing.
      • “I can take on any challenge.” Instead, chat up what work you’ve found challenging and rewarding, in addition to projects you’ve found challenging and may have failed at. 3Mers are encouraged to innovate and some of our most memorable innovations have come from failures.
      • “My current boss loves me.” In most cases your interviewer doesn’t know your current boss, so there is no point of reference here. Speak to your strengths that many of your managers in past roles have found valuable and areas where you want to grow in partnership with a new manager.

      When in doubt, provide a real-life example to back up your point. By doing so, you’ll stay true to your authentic self and be on your way to a successful interview at 3M.