• Best Questions to Ask to Find Out if 3M is the Right Fit for You

    • Woman asking question during interview

      You’ve checked out 3M’s career website and found a job you think will be a great fit for you. And, you landed an interview. Congratulations!

      You’re probably thinking about what the interviewer is looking for, but don’t forget to consider what you want in the company you work for, too. Being prepared to ask questions like the following will help you know if 3M is the right place to further your career:

      1. What makes you proud to work at 3M?
      2. What opportunities does 3M provide for your personal development?
      3. What are some of the most important things you have learned working at 3M?
      4. When and how do people like to give feedback?
      5. How is risk-taking viewed? How are mistakes handled?
      6. What are ways the company celebrates success?
      7. What kind of flexible work arrangements do people have?

      These are just examples but think about what your must-haves are for the company you work for and ask questions that reflect those. If your interviewer’s responses align with what you are looking for, then 3M is probably a great fit for you!