• What It’s Like to Be a Business Transformation & Information Technology Intern at 3M

    • Rachel Malloy, Manufacturing Execution System Technical Analyst and former BT & IT Intern​

      At 3M, we're all learning, discovering, exploring and innovating together. Our internship programs allow for students to join other 3Mers on their career journey. Here’s a look at the projects Business Transformation (BT) & IT interns get to work on from someone who has experienced an internship firsthand.

      Name: Rachel Malloy

      Title: 3M Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Technical Analyst

      Education: Bachelor’s degree from Villanova University in computer science with a cognitive science concentration and a minor in mathematics

      Location: St. Paul, MN

      Past work experience: Intern at MACOM Technology Solutions and The Vanguard Group, and Villanova TechZone student consultant

    • Why were you interested in interning for 3M?

      3M’s focus on science and technology is what made me want to come here. I like that everyone is excited to nerd out about what they are working on. I also love collaborating with people who can teach me new things. 

    • Describe the projects you worked on in your internship.

      I worked on creating mobile applications for our sales teams in Xamarin, a tool for creating cross-platform mobile applications. Xamarin had just been acquired by Microsoft, and my team was trying to determine if it was a better tool to use since it would allow our apps to be developed once and then run on multiple platforms. It was cool to get to work on something that was new and be able to teach what I learned to the rest of the team. 

      I also helped create mockups for a mobile app that was being developed for one of 3M’s health care plants. They wanted operators to be able to scan equipment with their phones to validate the equipment that was getting used. It was great to be involved in the planning stages and help create solutions to meet our customers’ needs. 

    • What did you learn from these projects that you didn’t know before?

      I learned a lot about designing and developing mobile apps and was exposed to different parts of the process in a short time, which was great. It also helped me figure out that I wanted to stay in a technical role moving forward in my career. 

    • What do you think sets 3M BT & IT apart from other internships or work experience you’ve had?

      The BT & IT internship program is very focused on exposing you to all the different areas under its umbrella, which is great for finding the right full-time position. The projects are cool, but I think the real edge is how hard the BT & IT coordinators work to make sure that you are exposed to as many people in 3M as possible. Those connections have helped set me up for success in my career.

    • What was the most memorable part of your internship?

      I met a lot of amazing people in BT & IT and outside of it during my internship, and after coming back they have remained awesome friends and coworkers. As someone coming from outside of Minnesota, it helped a lot to have that network of people around me right away. 

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