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Window tint to block the sun's rays

Reduce heat and cool down faster.

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    Reject up to 60% of the solar energy coming in through your windows.
    On summer days, cars overheat quickly and metal seat belts get too hot to handle. 3M™ Automotive Window Films reduce heat by rejecting up to 60% of the solar energy coming in through your windows. Keep your cool for a more comfortable ride.
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    Designed to even out your car's interior temperature.

    3M™ Automotive Window Film applied to rear and side glass helps block solar heat and UV rays from entering the vehicle while allowing visible light in.

3M™ Crystalline helps you keep your cool

A recent study conducted by 3M evaluated the thermal improvements provided when 3M™ Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series is installed on a vehicle’s windows. Results from the study revealed a reduction in heat and faster cooling.

200 layers of protection.

The Crystalline Series features a proprietary, multilayer optical film that combines over 200 layers of nano-technology and is thinner than a Post-it® Note. This unique technology is the reason this clear film can reject more heat than darker films.

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Featured Product

  • A clear breakthrough in automotive window films. The Crystalline Series rejects more heat than many dark films without changing the appearance of your vehicle, making it the superior choice for comfort.

  • The Ceramic IR Series offers great infrared heat reduction for optimal comfort and is available in an attractive neutral color with a variety of tint levels to meet your needs.

Find a dealer installer.

Your 3M™ Authorized Dealer Installer can help you find the best window film for your needs. They’ll listen to your concerns and recommend a solution that suits your situation. Better yet, they’ll professionally install the 3M™ Automotive Window Film you choose and stand behind their work.