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The Value of Working with a Reputable PPE Manufacturer

The cliché says ‘you get what you pay for’ and this applies to the world of personal protective equipment (PPE). When selecting PPE, it helps to work with a reputable manufacturer for many reasons and in this article we will explain a few important considerations.

Does Your PPE Manufacturer Have Worldwide Experience and Local Knowledge?

Not every PPE manufacturer has experience worldwide in many types of industries from heavy manufacturing to pharmaceutical production to construction. Consider a PPE manufacturer who understands the local regulations and has technical health and safety trained professionals and sales specialists to support employers in PPE selection, and can help look for opportunities to help improve safety and compliance from site to site.

Do Your PPE Manufacturer Reps Offer Connectivity, Clarity, Responsiveness for All Types of Issues?

Along with these important touchpoints, consider PPE manufacturers who have representatives who are often in regular communication with end-users, health and safety managers and others to understand not only worksite specific requirements, program goals, timelines and other factors that drive their PPE decisions but also industry best practices and trends. Building these relationships at a local, country, regional and global level can help companies ensure they have healthy and safe operations that helps protect their workforce.

Does Your PPE Manufacturer Meet Standards and Regulations or do They Go Beyond?

There are some PPE manufacturers who just make products to meet regulatory standards and requirements, but when it comes to your employees’ health and safety, that should not be enough. Occupational health and safety standards are constantly being developed, improved, and changed as science and technology evolve. Some manufacturers have a history of leadership and participation in a variety of health and safety standards organizations such as ISO, CSA, NIOSH, ANSI, and CEN. These are the companies that continue to innovate and show a strong commitment to not only keeping workers safe but advancing health and safety. They not only include regulatory knowledge into their development process, but it’s a cornerstone and a starting point.

Does Your PPE Manufacturer Offer More than Just Product Knowledge?

It is not enough for a PPE manufacturer’s representative to just know what their product catalog is comprised of; they need to have a deep understanding of the portfolio offerings. Consider PPE manufacturers that have decades of experience, resources and tools to assist in product selection. This includes offering in-depth training and education and other opportunities to maximize the use of your PPE.

Does Your PPE Manufacturer Have True Global Reach?

Some manufacturers claim to have worldwide reach, but not all manufacturers throughout the globe and offer a supply chain that reaches every part of the globe. It is important that your PPE manufacturer have employees in each country who are available to answer questions. These representatives should understand the local language, the customs, how PPE is used, the compliance considerations and how to help you ensure your worksite meets local and country regulation requirements.  

What does it Mean to Have Partnership with a PPE Manufacturer?

Along with introductory training, the manufacturer you choose should provide ongoing training and educational experiences as well as additional support beyond just supplying products. Helping you select PPE for your workforce given the application and hazards is key to success for your business and the health and safety of your employees. Working with a PPE manufacturer representative who can help you understand the complete cost of all your PPE can help you make decisions that create savings without compromising safety in the short or long term. A PPE manufacturer that looks to help you improve cost-savings by providing training can also help reduce fines, penalties and incidents that can cost your company in all kinds of ways from increased insurance costs to damage to reputation and loss of business.

Choosing a PPE manufacturer should not only be about cost. It should be about quality and the additional value that can be provided by the company that you choose to help protect your workforce. To discuss your needs, we invite you to contact our health and safety specialists today.