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3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ X-Series Safety Harnesses

Designed for ultimate productivity and performance

Explore the unique features of ExoFit™ X-Series Safety Harnesses

  • ExoFit™ X100 harness product image
    ExoFit™ X100 Safety Harness

    The ExoFit™ X100 Harness is developed with high-quality components to enhance safety and comfort. The lightweight and breathable construction combined with the latest safety technology ensures a comfortable and reliable fit that will help keep your workers at height secure and confident.

  • ExoFit™ X200 Harness product image
    ExoFit™ X200 Safety Harness

    As you continue to raise expectations and reach new heights, the ExoFit™ X200 features an innovative design and exclusive technologies, including patented dual-locking quick-connect buckles and an anti-slide dorsal D-ring pad.

  • ExoFit™ X300 aafety harness image
    ExoFit™ X300 Safety Harness

    The ExoFit™ X300 Safety Harness is outfitted with the highest-quality components to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and performance. Featuring 3M™ patented technologies and premium comfort solutions for improved fit, the X300 harness is the ultimate safety gear for your industry.

The new 3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ Safety Harnessess

Experience the next-level fall protection solutions yourself and receive a free demo of the new 3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ X-Series Safety Harness product line.

Learn more about the unique features of ExoFit™ Harnesses

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Weight Distribution System

The 3M™ exclusive WDS takes weight off your shoulders (available on select models).

Comfort Hip Pad

Including robust belt loops and rigid belt for tool pouch-carrying convenience.

Choose the most suitable ExoFit™ X-Series Safety Harness

  • *Indicates availability on select models.

Discover the next-level range of safety harnesses

The new 3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ X100, X200, and X300 Safety Harnesses bring the new standard of at-height safety and comfort to your industry. Download the PDF and explore the entire product line.

Discover available chest buckle connections

  • X300 Auto-locking quick-connect buckle
    X300 Auto-locking quick-connect

    3M™ patented auto-locking quick-connect buckles allow for a secure contact with the harness' webbing, greatly reducing buckle slide and the need to readjust.

  • X200 Dual-locking quick-connect buckle
    X200 Dual-locking quick-connect

    3M™ patented dual-locking quick-connect buckles help maintain proper fit throughout the day and provide a reliable, secure, and extremely efficient connection.

  • ExoFit™ X100 Quick Connect harness product image
    X100 Quick-connect

    Efficient and comfortable to use, quick-connect buckles require little effort to make a secure and reliable connection.

  •  ExoFit™ X100 Pass-thru harness product image
    X100 Pass-thru

    The classic standard pass-thru buckle ensures a reliable connection when working at height, giving you more confidence and safety.

Discover available D-ring options

  • Dorsal D-ring product image
    Dorsal D-ring

    Safe and reliable, the dorsal D-ring is the right choice for most industries.

  • Front D-ring product image
    Front D-ring

    Providing safe connection versatility, the front D-ring is perfect for climbing.

  • Side D-rings product image
    Side D-rings

    Side D-rings ensure comfortable positioning at height.

  • Shoulder D-rings product image
    Shoulder D-rings

    Ideal for confined space and rescue, shoulder D-rings offer maximum safety.

The next generation of fall protection

Learn more about the innovative features of the 3M DBI SALA ExoFit Harnesses.

  • ExcoFit Safety Harness on a mannequin
    Meet the new 3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ X-Series Safety Harnesses
  • ExoFit X100 harness on a mannequin
    3M™ DBI-SALA ExoFit™ X100 Precision-tuned for performance and productivity.
  • ExoFit X100 harness on a mannequin
    3M™ DBI-SALA ExoFit™ X200 Optimized to help increase safety and comfort.