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Smart Lock technology meets connected capability

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    Inventory With a Story

    Enhance productivitiy, increase situational awareness, and drive safety by deploying the industry's first digitally connected SRL.

    Using sensors and Bluetooth capability, the 3M™ DBI-SALA Smart Lock Connected SRL can be used to improve compliance, incident reporting, and inventory management.

    Benefits include Incident Reporting, Compliance, Inventory Management


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    Incident Reporting

    Know the date and time of any brake event either through mobile or desktop interfaces. Helps pinpoint the exact time of a fall event to enhance incident investigation, documentation and corrective action.

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    Because the safety manager can't be everywhere.

    Help ensure your connected SRLs are in good working condition prior to use and that they are being used when they are supposed to be. The connected SRL usage log tracks date and time of extensions, helping to give insights even when employees are out of sight.

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    Inventory Optimization

    Do you have the right number and length of SRLs at the job site? Aggregated usage data can help you adjust the mix of assets on the site by finding underutilized connected SRLs or viewing extension trends over time to confirm that workers have the right length SRL for the job. Get the most out of your SRL investment!

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    Bluetooth Compatible

    Version 4.2 enabled

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    Extended Range

    Connect to your SRL from over 50 feet* away using your mobile device.

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    Battery Life

    9 volt battery lasts up to two years*

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    Water intrusion and impact tested

  • *Value is an estimate based on moderate use in normal conditions. Actual amount may vary.

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The 3M Connected Safety platform is connecting people, information and systems to help improve productivity, increase situational awareness and drive safety. The 3M Connected SRL is the industry's first digitally enabled SRL, helping EHS managers glean new insights and find new ways to increase worker safety.